Investing wisely in your game Week 8


Welcome to week eight of this series.

These days we are all watching our dollars closely and diversifying our investments. Your golf game deserves the same attention. Investing in good equipment, professional lessons and time on the range is just the beginning. Taking time to invest in your fitness regimen for your game is budget friendly and a great return on your investment of time.

It’s important to structure your golf fitness program to enhance your overall performance on and off the course. Focus on stabilization work by using several muscle groups. Implement fitness tools which allow you to move your body in a more functional setting. These include stability balls, weighted balls, balance boards, traditional dumbbells and the benefit of using your own bodyweight. All of these tools are budget friendly and are compact to travel with you! We will be using these tools to increase strength, flexibility, power and balance for your game.

This week we will be using the stretch trainer which can be purchased online in the Golf Fitness Pro Shop.

Don’t forget to print a progress chart to note each exercise and the number of repetitions. We will add a new exercise each week and your goal will be to complete each of them 2-3 times a week! If you are just joining us, see the previous weeks to catch up!

Here is the benefit you can receive from this core stretch:
Keeping the back flexible will help alleviate pain associated with the golf swing. A more flexible shoulder girdle will allow you stability at the top of your back swing.

Let’s Get Started!

Flexibility is vital to the game of golf and general fitness. Stretching while the muscles are warm and supple will increase long-term range of motion. This exercise will speed recovery and reduce the likelihood of residual stiffness. Perform two times using a static technique (no bouncing) before advancing to the next exercise. The stretch will be accelerated slightly farther the second time, which will produce maximum gains in flexibility. Never stretch to the point of pain and hold each stretch, including acceleration, 30 seconds each.

 Hamstring Stretch
Hamstring Stretch

Because low back problems are directly related to weak and inflexible hamstrings, it’s important to insure hamstring strength. 

Start: Sit upright and wrap the center strap of the Stretch Trainer around the arch of one foot.  Bend the opposite knee and place the opposite foot on the floor to create equal balance. 

Action: Pull tension on the stretch trainer and slowly roll onto your back extending your leg with the strap upward.  Gently pull the stretch trainer towards you increasing the range of motion in your hamstring. 

Finish: When you have reached a comfortable position hold the position. 

Tip: Do not bounce and to increase the stretch, extend the bend knee leg flat to the floor. 

Golf & Fitness Connection: Flexible hamstrings help to alleviate low back pain associated with golf.

If you have questions about your current golf fitness level, take the Fitness Analyzer on

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