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Q&A Top Ten!

Happy New Year and welcome to week 5 of our Q & A top ten. Many of you email me weekly with questions regarding your fitness routine and how it relates to your golf game. Ive narrowed those questions down to a top ten! Over the next several weeks Ill answer your questions so be sure to read the Fitness section of The Golf Channel each week to see if your question made the top ten! You can find all of the training aids used to demonstrate the exercises in the golf fitnessPro Shop.
Question: Kelly ' I have problems spinning out of my follow through. Do you have any exercises that can help me with balance during my golf swing?
Julie P '
Austin, TX
Answer: Julie ' Balance is critical to your golf swing! Heres an exercise that will help you improve your core balance and eliminate spinning out of your golf swing using a BOSU balance dome.


Before beginning your balance drills, make sure you are in proper alignment atop the balance ball. Simply place the weighted swing trainer behind you with the clubhead on the crown of the head and the shaft running down the spine.

Wedge Drill

Stand atop the balance ball and assume the address position with your weighted club. Slowly draw the club back until the clubhead is almost at a 12 oclock position. Hold for a 4 second count and slowly return to the start position. Remember to check your balance. If you are leaning too far forward or too far backward you will be unstable in your address position.
Recommended Reps:
Par Level:10 reps
Birdie Level:15 reps
Eagle Level:20 reps

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