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Q&A Top Ten!

Welcome to week 7 of our Q & A top ten. Many of you email me weekly with questions regarding your fitness routine and how it relates to your golf game. Ive narrowed those questions down to a top ten! For 10 weeks Ill answer your questions so be sure to read the Fitness section of The Golf Channel each week to see if your question made the top ten! You can find all of the training aids used to demonstrate the exercises in the golf fitness Pro Shop. If you are just joining us, review Weeks 1-7 to see if your question has been answered!
Question: Kelly ' I have a tendency to close down my chest at address. Do you have any exercises to help?
Cecil S '
Rye, NY
Answer: Cecil ' Heres an exercise that will concentrate on flexibility for the chest and shoulder girdle. By keeping these areas flexible and strong you can create more stability at the top of your back swing and maintain muscular balance between the chest and upper back. This will help to keep your chest more open at address!
Start: Sit on the stability ball with your fingertips supporting your back and head. Action: Slowly walk the feet out until the upper back is lying on the ball.
Finish: Once you have reached a stable position drop both arms out to the side and hold for 30 seconds. Slowly return to the start position and repeat.
Tip: If you find it difficult to maintain balance on the ball, spread your feet apart to just under the width of your shoulders. Your goal will be to execute the stretch with your feet together!



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