Testimonials of Success - Week 1


Testimonials of Success!
Welcome to our new series Testimonials of Success! Over the past 7 years you have shared your fitness success with me and now I would like to share with other viewers to encourage them! Remember you can access the archives of any fitness series we have accomplished and if you need any of the equipment used in these series you can make a purchase in the Golf Fitness Pro Shop at a discount for Golf Channel subscribers.
Four years ago I did the reality show The Golf Channel Makeover Challenge. Lets follow up with contestant Ralph Sanzeri to see how hes doing today!
Hello from the San Francisco Bay Area,

Ralph begins makeover challenge.

Ralph 8 weeks later & 40 lbs. lighter!


Im Ralph Sanzeri. For those of you with a good memory I was a participant in The Golf Channel Makeover Challenge during the summer of 2004. Not only was I provided with lessons, clubs, and clothes, I had the great opportunity to meet and work with Kelly Blackburn as my fitness and nutrition instructor.
During the course of the show I lost 40 lbs. and kept it off for almost 2 years. That is the goods news. The bad news was eventually I became lazy and went back to my old ways and the weight crept back.
In April 2007 my wife Suzi and I decided to change our life for the better. Building on what we had been learned from Kelly, we decided we needed to make a lifestyle change for a healthy life. We joined a nationally known nutrition / lifestyle program. (Yes, we eat real food and even an occasional treat). Along with this program, we exercise daily. Most of my exercise comes from daily stretching exercises and power walking 5 times a week. I also routinely logon to the health/fitness section on The Golf Channel and check out what Kelly is presenting. I also constantly use the book Exercise for Elite Golf Performance.
Numbers! What are the numbers? Everyone wants the bottom line. Well here it is. Since April 19, 2007 I have gone from 299 lbs. to 203 lbs. and Im still 510 tall. My waist has reduced from 52 to 36. Cholesterol, down 45 points; blood pressure down 20 points! My wife Suzi has lost 85 lbs. and is still losing! We are both just a few pounds away from our goal. The nice aspect is that we have made this lifestyle change, so we already have our maintenance plan in place.


How did we do it? We did a little research, we asked for advice, (Thank you Kelly) and we committed to a healthy lifestyle. Be healthy and be happy, you deserve it.
Ralph Sanzeri
Ralph pictured right at 96 lbs. lighter!
P.S. ' My handicap has gone from 16 to 11 and Im 20 yards longer off the tee!!
NOTE: Keep sending me pictures of your fitness success and look for your testimonial over the next 12 weeks!

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