Testimonials of Success - Week 12


Testimonials of Success!
Welcome to week 12 of our series Testimonials of Success! Over the past 7 years you have shared your fitness success with me and now I would like to share with other viewers to encourage them! Remember you can access the archives of any fitness series we have accomplished and if you need any of the equipment used in these series you can make a purchase in the Golf Fitness Pro Shop at a discount for Golf Channel subscribers. If youre just joining us you can see the testimonials from week 1-11 to catch up!
David from Mississippi writes:
Kelly ' I have used your power ball workout for 4 months and I had to write to let you know that I have seen a big difference in only 16 weeks! No more aches and pains from my weekend warrior golf rounds! Im 48 years old and had accepted the love handles, spare tire and lack of energy..but no more! The spare tire is smaller and my energy level gets me through 18 holes and ready for more. Thank You!



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