Testimonials of Success - Week 3 - COPIED


Testimonials of Success!
Welcome to our new series Testimonials of Success! Over the past 7 years you have shared your fitness success with me and now I would like to share with other viewers to encourage them! Remember you can access the archives of any fitness series we have accomplished and if you need any of the equipment used in these series you can make a purchase in the Golf Fitness Pro Shop at a discount for Golf Channel subscribers.
Lets check in with another contestant from the reality show The Golf Channel Makeover Challenge. Heres the update from Ken Dashow four years later!

Ken Dashow week 1 of The Makeover Challenge.


Okay...I'm turning 50 this year, and I thought: 'What toy do I want?' A BMW? An iphone? A week in Italy? Hawaii? My wife Jane and I discussed it, and we decided the gift we want most is GOOD HEALTH!

So Jane and I made a change ' We jump-started our new eating habits with a nationally known weight loss program eating real food! Now, on our own, we cut our calorie intake in HALF (like Kelly told us), we eat salad and fresh fruit instead of pre-packaged snacks and cakes, and were going to the gym ' its a LOT easier without that 35 pound spare tire on me! Id like to lose another 10-15 lbs, and I am SURE it will happen this summer ' I feel too good to ever go back to being lazy; and, trust me, thats all it was ' too tired at midnight after working on-air and hosting a show to think about WHAT to eat ' just stopping for pizza or at the diner for eggs & cheese on a bagel. Now, I plan my meals for the day ' even cheating and having ice cream and cake on July 4thbut I ate well and light on July 5th, and that is what made all the difference!
Lets see: eating 2 gigantic meals morning and late night, with tons of bread and sugar and NOT paying attention to caloric intake = feeling tired, foot and back pain, indigestion and emotional irritability OR eating 6 small meals a day, lots of fresh fruit and veggies and exercising regularly = health, happiness, & my best appearance?
Thanks, Kelly ' its NOT a diet ' its a change in lifestyle that I love and will hold onto forever!

Ken last year at the radio station.

Ken proudly presents his healthier image.


NOTE: Keep sending me pictures of your fitness success and look for your testimonial over the next 12 weeks!

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