Tips from the Tour - Week 3


Tips from the Tour
Welcome to week 3 of our new series Tips from the Tour. With these golf fitness tips straight from the tour pros you can improve your golf game while increasing your fitness level! For this weeks tip we are using the GolfGym that can be purchased in the Golf Fitness Pro Shop at a discount for Golf Channel subscribers.
Step 1: To determine your current fitness level, take the Fitness Analyzer on
Step 2: Perform the exercises 2-3 times a week for maximum results!
Here is the benefit you can receive from this golf fitness tip:
Strengthen the trunk which is critical in making an effective turn
Lets Get Started!

Place one foot in the loop, place your hands correctly in the training grip and assume address position with your feet. Slowly raise the GolfGym to shoulder height creating tension and slowly turn the torso to one side. Hold for a few seconds and return to the center position.

Recommended Reps:
Par Level: 10 reps
Birdie Level: 15 reps
Eagle Level: 20 reps


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