Tips from the Tour - Week 8


Tips from the Tour
Welcome to week 8 of our series Tips from the Tour. With these golf fitness tips straight from the tour pros you can improve your golf game while increasing your fitness level! For this weeks tip we are using resistant tubing If you are just joining us you can view weeks 1-7 and purchased any of the training aids in the Golf Fitness Pro Shop at a discount for Golf Channel subscribers.
Step 1: To determine your current fitness level, take the Fitness Analyzer on
Step 2: Perform the exercise every other hole for maximum results!
Here is the benefit you can receive from this golf fitness tip:
Flexible hamstrings help alleviate low back problems associated with the golf swing.
Lets Get Started!
Hamstring Stretch
Place your heel atop the wheelbase and place the corresponding hand on your bag for balance. Flexing your foot and keeping your knee slightly bent, lean forward at the waist until you feel the stretch. Hold this stretch for 20 to 30 seconds before repeating the process with the opposite foot.

Next week we will begin a new series CoreStretch for Your Game!

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