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This week we will concentrate on the tricep muscles. As I prepare the pros for the next season, Ill show you the exact exercises that I do with the pros and give you exercise tips to do for all aspects of your game. We will be using many pieces of equipment to encompass flexibility, strength, power, balance, endurance and swing training drills. Remember, self motivation results in improved accuracy, distance, stamina, focus and fitness level.
The triceps are misunderstood in golf. Not only do the triceps support the lead arm during the backswing, they also play an instrumental role in generating clubhead speed on the downswing. Keeping these muscles strong and flexible is imperative.
Here are two exercises for strength and flexibility. We are going to do the strength exercise on a stability ball for an added challenge and call upon our core muscles to assist with balance. The Stretch Trainer for flexibility can be found in the Pro Shop.

Balance Tricep Press

Start: Sit on the stability ball and hold a single weight evenly in both hands. Extend the arms upward.
Action: Flex the abs for support, bend at the elbow and slowly drop the weight behind the head.
Finish: Return to the start position. Hold for a count of 5 and slowly repeat the action. Repeat 15-20 times.

Tricep StretchTricep StretchTricep Stretch

Start: Hold the Stretch Trainer in one hand and extend upward.
Action: Slowly bend the elbow and drop the Stretch Trainer behind the head. With the opposite arm pull downward on the Stretch Trainer to create a greater range of motion.
Finish: Hold for 15-30 seconds and return to the start position. Repeat 10 times. Do the same for the opposite side.
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