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This week we will concentrate on the muscles of the hamstring. As I continue to prepare the pros for the next season, Ill show you the exact exercises that I do with the pros and give you exercise tips to do for all aspects of your game. We will be using many pieces of equipment to encompass flexibility, strength, power, balance, endurance and swing training drills. Remember, self motivation results in improved accuracy, distance, stamina, focus and fitness level. The Strength Tubing & Stretch Trainer used in this weeks tip can be found in the Pro Shop.
The importance of the lower body in golf is absolutely unquestionable. It is the firm foundation on which the swing is developed, and the initiator of power and speed in the downswing. A coiling effect is created by turning the shoulders around a sturdy base. These fundamentals are the root of golf. You cant overemphasize the importance of the lower body in every aspect of the swing.
Here are two simple exercises for both strength and flexibility:

Tube Squat

Start: Place the feet shoulder width apart on top of the tubing. Raise your hands to shoulder height to create resistance.
Action: Bend the knees and slowly descend as though you were sitting in a chair.
Finish: Hold for a few seconds and slowly return to the start position. Repeat 15-20 times.

Hamstring Stretch with Stretch TrainerHamstring Stretch with Stretch Trainer

Start: Sit with one leg extended and the opposite bent with the foot on the floor. Wrap the Stretch Trainer around the arch of the foot of the extended leg.
Action: Pull a slight tension on the Stretch Trainer and slowly roll onto your back extending the leg in the air.
Finish: Gently pull the toe towards your head to a comfortable position. Hold for 30 seconds and repeat to the opposite side.
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