Training Tips for Your Game - Weight 5 Minutes


This week we will concentrate on weighted training drills. As I continue to prepare the pros for the next season, Ill show you the exact exercises that I do with the pros and give you exercise tips to do for all aspects of your game. We will be using many pieces of equipment to encompass flexibility, strength, power, balance, endurance and swing training drills. Remember, self motivation results in improved accuracy, distance, stamina, focus and fitness level. The weighted Strength Trainer used in this weeks tip can be found in the Pro Shop.
The weighted Strength Trainer is an excellent option primarily because it's perfectly balanced, and comes with an instructional video that leads you through the do's and don'ts of indoor swing training. Keeping your muscles warm, loose, and accustomed to the moves you make in golf is vitally important to your game. There are few better tools to keep your swing honed at home than the weighted club.
But like all home-training tools, weighted clubs are useless if they sit in the corner unused. After you purchase a weighted club you should use it every day. In five minutes you can put your body through a systematic swing-training workout that provides as much benefit to your game as any driving range drill.
Weight A MinuteWeight A Minute

Strengthen your back swing and increase your shoulder turn with this simple exercise. Slowly take the club to the top of your back swing, hold for a few seconds and return to address position. Repeat up to 20 times.
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