Diary from the Buick Invitational


My Diary
Things I noticed about San Diego:

No matter what the weather is like, it's still breathtaking scenery along the coast.
The local fans cheer for Phil but they follow Tiger.
The lunch spread in the media room at the Buick Invitational is one of the best in the business.
Things I noticed about Davis Love III:
He's a smart man. He rides the wave when it comes his way. Signing up for the Buick Invitational was a good decision. Better late than never.
He's hitting the ball longer than ever. His new driver is his new best friend, even if he doesn't find the fairways all the time.
He's more than likely Ryder Cup bound. Maybe he and Phil Mickelson will be partners. They've played a lot together lately.
Things I noticed about Lefty:
He's a good sport. As poorly as he was feeling all week, Phil was extremely graceful with the media and the fans.
He's the King of San Diego. As a matter of fact, I think he won the Junior World Optimist tournament when I played there in the mid-80s. Yes, I'm dating myself.
He's not one to shun a win just because a few lucky breaks came his way. He knows that double bogeys don't usually bring home victory.
Things I noticed about Frank Lickliter:
He's a tough guy. He expects only the best from himself and nothing less. He'll probably beat himself up for a little while over this one, but I think a win is in his future.
He's a good sport, too. On the last playoff hole, I was surrounded by hundreds of people yelling 'Go Phil.' It had to rattle him a little.
Things I noticed about Tiger:
He's a smart interview. Early in the week I asked him what his first car was and he told me he couldn't say this week. He didn't skip a beat. Buick will be happy.
He's inching back down to his 67 or so scoring average. It shouldn't be too long before he's hoisting another trophy.
He's a patient man. He must have answered the same question from the media this week about a hundred different times. 'How far off is a win, Tiger?'. 'I'm not that far off.' He replied.
It was a good week.