Iron at Byron


What a workout! Im not talking about the 4 hole playoff at last weeks Byron Nelson Classic. Im talking about what went on in the Four Seasons Hotel Fitness Center. Every time I went in there, I worked out with or near a tour player.
My first experience was on Wednesday. I arrived around 6:30pm and the first person I saw was Peter Oosterhuis on the treadmill. Give it up for Oosty! Hes being health conscious and thats more than most people can say in television land. Its the easiest job in the world to become lazy when a days work has ended. I warmed up my body for about 20 minutes on the machine in front of him.
After that, I headed over to stretch. To my right was Per Ulrik Johanssen. Now heres a guy whos in shape. This is Pers first full time year on the PGA Tour. I had never met him before and in reality, this was the first time I had ever seen him in person. He was very kind. He introduced himself right away and we chatted about both of our upcoming schedules. Ill see him again later this year at the Western Open. While he chatted, he continued his stretching routine. Man is this guy flexible! Not too much later, Scott Van Pelt walked up. You remember him? The tall, skinny, funny guy that used to work for us (Just kidding Scotty, youre looking buff, my friend.) Scott stood next to Per Ulrik and of course, Per had to ask, How tall are you, man?
Scott replied, 66'.
Then I couldnt resist. Per, how tall are you? I asked.
He said, You mean, how short am I? Im 57 but I can dunk a basketball.
I believed him.
After stretching, it was time to hit the weights. It was right then that Vijay Singh walked in. Now this is a strong man. He is all muscle and hes working on his flexibility and balance. Its kind of fun to watch a bear learn how to move like a panther. Of course, I couldnt resist the opportunity to make fun of the awkward positions his trainer had him trying and the light weights that he was forced to use to learn the motions.
Kelly, I didnt know you worked out he said.
Vijay, I didnt know you played golf I replied with a grin.
For most of the week, the same guys came in each night. Strangely enough, the last two guys on the PGA Tour to leave the practice area every day are the same two guys that are always in the gym. Vijay and Tiger Woods. Tiger came in right after his round at least twice that week that I know of. One of his workout buddies told me he sticks to a strict linear routine. Thats low weights and high repetitions to maintain his tone and definition. Id say it works.
I think the greatest thing about my time in the gym last week at the Byron Nelson Classic was not the fact that I saw these guys every day. Its the fact that they saw me, outside of our usual working environment. Okay, maybe Im not so happy about them seeing me in spandex, especially since Im not ready for the Miss Fitness USA pageant anytime soon, but youd be amazed at how much better you can get to know someone away from the office. The men of the PGA Tour are no exception. Theyre some of the nicest guys you will ever come across and theyre real people.
Hey Vijay, just let me know if you need someone to spot you this week at the Colonial. Those 8-pound dumbbells can get heavy when you arent used to them! Dont you just love having the last word?