What I Miss and What I Love to Do


Editor's Note: Each month, GOLF CHANNEL's Kelly Tilghman will be answering reader and viewer questions. Kelly is the first female in golf television history to be a lead play-by-play commentator.
What do you miss most about competing as a professional? ' Erin, Alberta
Dear Erin,
I think the thing I miss most about being a professional golfer is the competition. Ever since I was 5 years old, Ive played some kind of sport. Being athletic is a big part of my personality. Even though I dont play on the tour anymore, I still have fun in casual games with my friends. I also try to treat my television career as if it were a sport. I liken each show to a new game and I always want to play better each time. Granted it doesnt make you physically fitter but it gives you a mental workout.
Thanks for the question.
I have a 9 year old son who has developed a talent for playing golf but I feel at this point that I should no longer give him advice as it pertains to his golf skills. I feel it may be best to have him rely solely on his teacher for lessons. What are your thoughts? ' Paul, Lexington, S.C.
My best advice would be to listen to the child. If he wants help from you then you should give it to him but try not to confuse your information with anything his teacher is telling him. I would recommend talking with his instructor and finding out what he or she would like you to convey to your son. This guarantees that you two are always on the same page. Theres only one thing worse than too much information and thats conflicting information! Good luck!
I saw on the Golf Channel that you wake board. Cool. What would be your wake boarding handicap, and do you surf or do any other watersports? ' Tim, California
Dear Tim,
I love wakeboarding! Its such a rush to be outside on the water, getting as much air as I can. Granted Im no Dallas Friday but Im not a total slouch! Its hard to put a handicap on it but I would say that Im an intermediate boarder. I have about 6 or 7 tricks in my arsenal and Im hoping to add a few more before all is said and done. The only problem is the wear and tear on your body. When you wipe out, the water feels like concrete. It takes a while to recover from the big spills. Ive already had a concussion and I dont want another one. As for other water sports, I love water skiing, knee boarding and surfing. Every year I cover the Sony Open, I surf each morning before the broadcast. Occasionally, Ill go with my dad and brother, too! My dads an inspiration, still surfing at the age of 63!
Hang ten!
What is your favorite club in the bag and do you buy the new clubs that are out there? ' Bill, Grande Prairie, Canada
Dear Bill,
My favorite club in the bag is my driver, by far. I get a big rush trying to pound drives and hit them straight. I know its a terrible habit but Ive always enjoyed the art of trying to position myself off of the tee. Im not the longest hitter but todays technology makes it much more fun than the old days! Right now Im hitting the Nike Sasquatch driver. I try to keep my bag relatively up to date by adding a few pieces of the latest equipment but Im not one to pour a ton of money into my bag. I still have the same putter I used when I was 15 years old and Ive had the same irons for a few years.
Good luck with your game.
Do you keep in touch with any of your old teammates from Duke or have anything to do with the program today? ' William, North Carolina
Hi William,
The short answer is yes. As a matter of fact, Ive had dinner with two of my former teammates in the last three weeks. I stay in touch with my coach as well. He has a heck of a team on his hands this year. They look good to win another national championship in 07. We recently had a team reunion on campus at Duke University. It was a real treat to see, not only my old teammates, but also members of teams from other years. All of us stay in touch because of the bond that we share as friends and as alumni. We share a special camaraderie.
Thanks for the question.
What have you noticed about the pro game from the play-by-play booth that is different from your previous experience? ' Kirk, Temple, TX
Thats an interesting question. I would have to say that the biggest difference in covering the action from the booth versus covering it in post-game shows is that we spend most of our time setting up the action rather than looking back on it. It keeps you much more in the moment. This opportunity has also afforded me the chance to pick the brains of many of the best players to ever compete while the action is unfolding. Its a real treat working with the analysts in the game today.
Thanks for your interest, Kirk
I met you a few years back at Bay Hill. You were so nice and made me feel great. With this being your first year doing shot by shot commentary (and doing a great job) how do you prepare for each event? ' Chris
Hey Chris,
Good to hear from you. I was lucky enough to have Bay Hill on my play-by-play schedule this year. I had my first home game! It was great. I was able to prepare for the event in the comforts of my own home which is a refreshing change of pace from hotel rooms. Each event calls for a different method of preparation because they are all so different. Some of the things I always try to do are stay on top of the games news, talk to the players before and after their practice sessions or, even at times, join them for dinner because its a much more relaxed setting. I also spend time with my partner in the booth, scouting the golf course so that Im aware of the areas that may garner the most attention. I know it sounds like a lot of work but I enjoy all of it. Thanks for taking the time to write.
Thanks for the questions,
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