Three Crazy Weeks


Tues. March 22nd:
Played a practice round in Auburn Ga. for this weeks Hooters event. Family joined me while they were on spring break. I let Stormi my baby girl practice caddying for me for the first time. Darbi my oldest girl and Sissi my wife rode around in a cart and just giggled the whole time. Just striped it and shot 6-under on the front side. Ran out of daylight and unable to go on to the back. Too bad it was only a practice round.
Fri. March 25th:
I shot even par yesterday. Stormi did awesome both days. Paired with two great guys (Andy and Eric), told Stormi that if I got paired with crazies, she wouldn't be able to caddy but had great guys. It ended up that I was the biggest jerk in the bunch. Played 17 holes at even par and got darked out. Stood even after 35 holes. It looks like the cut is going to be real close to even so I have to sit on that all night. I hit it decent but just no putts are falling. You should see our hotel room! Stuff lying everywhere...clothes, hairbows, etc. We've learned not to sweat it. I am 100x blessed! It's so much fun having them with me.
Sat. March 26th:
I sweated the t-ball all night and all morning. It's a pretty tough t-ball. Stood up there and just piped it right down the middle. I knocked it on the green on the wrong deck, 35 feet away. Three jacked it and missed the cut. REAL disappointing. Spent Easter weekend with girls, they headed north back home and I headed south to Albany to prepare for next weeks event.
Thurs. March 31st:
Late tee time, rained out...
Fri. April 1st:
Still no first round, rained out again....
Sat. April 2nd:
I finally started my first round, seemed like the wind was blowing 100mph. I played 1, 2, 3 and round was called for wind, stood 1-under. They finally called the entire event due to wind. I have had a lot of tournaments called but none for wind. Heading home for the week.
Thurs. April 7th:
I spoke at our local Rotary Club luncheon. $1,000.00 donated in my honor, received a plaque and a pen. Got wind of a celebrity event that could be interested in me playing in L.A. at Riviera, The Emmy's Celebrity event. Talked with my potential agent, David Maraghy of SMI and arrangements were in the making.
Sat. April 9th:
All plans are finalized, Im heading to L.A. in the morning.
Sun. April 10th:
I got up at 3:30 a.m. and drove to Atlanta for a 9:30 a.m. non-stop to L.A. A good friend Dr. Sohn met me at airport for a ride to the club, but I was delayed due to the airlines losing my clubs! Waited for the next plane to arrive and clubs were on board and fine. Still got in 18 holes that afternoon with a cool member at Riviera, Chris. Finished just before dark. Excited about actually staying in the hotel at the clubhouse at Rivieria. You'd think I would be so tired I couldn't stay awake but I was put up in the Dean Martin room at the clubhouse. Oh Dean-O would have been very disappointed, no liquor cabinet in the room. The history and the pictures in the hallways were unbelievable. I was up late just walking the halls looking at the pictures. Every great player in history has had his picture taken on the elevated 1st tee, ten feet from the clubhouse. I finally went to sleep a little after midnight, almost 24 hours after I left home.
Mon. April 11th:
I played in the Celebrity Pro-Am, must have been hurting for celebrities because I was one of them. David (some three name guy) from JAG, dark, tall good looking guy was the host. Mr. Peterman from Seinfeld and his sweet, hot wife, Kevin Nealon from Saturday Night Live, Matt Grieser (Footjoys Sign Boy) the most underrated talent in golf TV(this guy is funny) were all participants as celebrities also. Played 18 with some NBC guys, had a great time. I won a closest to the hole which got me and my team a teeth whitening from a dentist to the stars. Told him if he didn't have it in his car, I'd have to take a rain check because I had a flight to catch. Also won a long drive contest with my new Alpha driver. Hitting it like crazy.
Took a shower at the clubhouse, caught a taxi to the airport and the red eye all night to Richmond, Va., via Cincinnati (30 min. nap on floor by ticket counter) for a practice round and media day for the Henrico County Nationwide event.
Tues. April 12th:
Picked up from airport at 9:30 a.m. by my (getting closer to official) agent and tournament chairman of the event. Tee time set up with host pro, TW Pulliam and the presenting sponsor, Saxon Capitol's CEO and CFO. These guys are good players and extremely knowledgeable in golf. TW was awesome and his staff are tops in the hospitality department. Had a great afternoon. They really put on a big show, had caddies, etc. People can't understand how welcomed they made me feel. The entire town and club are really pumped about having the event there. Played 18 holes, had an awesome dinner with same group, treated unbelievable. Went back to hotel for a little sleep.
Wed. April 13th:
I finally got to sleep in. Began media day at 10:00 a.m. These people are prepared! Spoke at the clubs media day banquet. This is a golf crazy community (The Dominion Club) Everyone from waiters to shoe shine guys knew who I was. It's strange how I go to some clubs and I'm just a golfer but others treat me like Jack Nicklaus. I couldn't be more excited about going back after the treatment I received, it's going to be a special week.
I was taken to airport by now official agent, David, flew out of Richmond at 5:30 p.m. to Atlanta and headed south to Warner-Robbins. Got into Warner-Robbins around 9:30 p.m. with no hotel reservations. Looked up friend Jake Reeves for some notes on course, since I was unable to get in a practice round. Finally found a hotel and checked in around 11:00 p.m. Thank goodness I had a late tee time.
Thurs. April 14th:
Well, today I played about like I prepared. I tried to tell myself that without a practice round there'd be no pressure. Tried to free wheel it around but it back fired. I picked up a local young fireman (Steven) on the No. 3 tee, great guy, saw the show, was excited to see me. He asked me if I wanted a caddy and I asked how much, he said nothing and I said 'suit up'. Great guy. Shot 40-41 and never left the middle of the fairway on the back nine.
Fri. April 15th:
I had an early time. Steven and I really fought it back with a whopping 78. Needless to say I was smart to have checked out of my motel room before I went to course. Leaving Warner-Robbins with my tail between my legs. Heading north via a stop with my swing coach, Scott Hamilton in Cartersville, Ga. Had to drive thru first part of Atlanta rush hour, boy do I love Crossville, Tenn.! Spent an hour or so with Scott and then was able to hit balls until dark. Got home around 11:00 p.m. Looking forward to catching up on my good quality family time, sleep and effective practice.

Thanks for listening to my long winded diary; I've had 2-3 big weeks...

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