And the Best is Yet to Come


Have you seen it yet? We hope so. The Golf Channel Pre-Game and the Golf Channel Post-Game debuted a few weeks back after Ernie Els tore through the field at the Mercedes Championships.
Tough for me to give the perspective you might. But for what it's worth, this show is a blast to be a part of! Lots of panel members, lots of interviews, lots of topics to toss around. And we do it in a spectacular new studio setting that really gives us a shot of enthusiasm before we say hello.
An hour on Wednesday nights (this week it was Tuesday because of the Bob Hope's five-round format), the Golf Channel Pre-Game is meant to get you prepped for the week's tournament play. Yes, there will be interviews. Yes, there will be features and stat-driven information. But the key to the show's flow will depend on plain old fun-loving entertainment value.
The Golf Channel Post-Game airs on Sunday right after network coverage of the day's golf. Usually that will mean 6 PM ET. We'll wrap it up, listen to the winners and also those who came close. You'll get a breakdown of the moments that decided the event and we'll also keep you up on the latest topics.
The goal is to toss around those topics like they're unwanted pennies. Some will grab your interest more than others... but all are designed to give you a better feel for the week's world of golf.
As I see it, we've got a studio full of enthusiastic insiders. Mark Lye and Kelly Tilghman should be familiar to those of you Golf Channel loyalists. Lye's won on the PGA Tour, where he spent nearly 20 years playing some pretty sound golf with the best. Kelly played collegiate golf at Duke University and made a run at the LPGA before getting into this crazy business. Good luck finding a non-tour playing woman who knows more about golf. Listen when she speaks. She tells me I need to all the time!!
But enough about those you know. Let me tell you a little bit about those you might not be so familiar with.
Brian Hewitt's been seen on our air many times, but now comes to The Golf Channel full-time from GolfWeek where he certainly set a high standard for journalistic integrity and creative insight. Brian's been around the block in this business. A long-time golf writer, he first spent time working in the Windy City for one of Chicago's 'big-two' dailies. Among his assignments, Brian covered the Bears like the Buccaneer defensive backs recently blanketed Jerry Rice and Tim Brown. Not much gets past Hewitt no matter what he's covering, and his insight will be valuable on these shows.
How much do you know about Peter Oosterhuis? Born in London, he now lives in the Scottsdale, Ariz., area. Certainly you've seen him on CBS Sports coverage of the PGA Tour. But he started in television on The Golf Channel as our European Tour telecasts. 'Oosty', as he's known, played in six Ryder Cups and won the British Order of Merit money title for four straight years from 1971 to 1974. Runner-up twice at the British Open, Oosterhuis has 20 worldwide wins to his credit.
And when it comes to insightful commentary, Oosty never lets you down. This guy is a wealth of well-researched information. What I'm hoping for is that Hewitt or Lye will take him to task a time or two with some of their own 'homework.'
I'm told its my 'job' to steer the ship. That's great, and I love it. If I do my job, you'll get to know these guys and gals a lot better than you might on any other show. And hopefully this ship steers its way into your living room on a regular basis!
I'm biased of course, but I think this show has great days ahead.