Love Still Waiting - With Us


By all accounts, when the calendar turns to November, the PGA Tour will sit down to begin working out the details of the PGA Tours future schedule set to take effect in 2007.
Ive talked about the possibilities before. Everyones written about the uncertainty and the speculation. The tour players are mumbling about it, too.
Among the well-connected in PGA Tour circles is Davis Love III. The major champion has been a PGA Tour policy board member along with David Toms, Scott McCarron, Joe Durant.
While Love is currently focused on staying healthy and working his way back toward victory, his schedule is also tied up with efforts to keep the PGA Tour headed in the right direction.
Its non-stop right now, Love said. The Board members that are on now, and carry on for the next year, well next year especially, and then into 07, they got their work cut out for them certainly. And I think thats a good thing.
Word has it that Commissioner Tim Finchem will have some things to say next week at the Tour Championship.
So will the PGA Tour officially move the Players Championship from March to May? Will the PGA Tour schedule effectively have a stopping point at Labor Day? Will there be a handful of events to follow so that the tour season doesnt just end all together?
Love himself realizes all the ducks arent yet in a row and he, too, is speculating to some degree.
I mean, even Tim is guessing some. So we are all guessing on whats going to happen.
Love does assure us that the number of events on the PGA Tour schedule wont change in 07.
There will be just as many rounds of golf in 07 as there are in 06.
It appears more certain than ever now that the Tour Championship will move up to the Labor Day time frame.
In other words, finish before football is firmly the focus.
Thats always been a great idea for 10 or 15 years, Love said. What we are looking at, if you go back and look at The Presidents Cup, and San Francisco (AmEx), they both got huge ratings just into the start of the football season. So if we can carry it that far, thats about as far as we think we can carry the audience into football.
Love loves his NASCAR, and while he took a while to warm up to the chase for the cup race thats employed currently, hes a big fan now. To that end, the race to the Tour Championship is a good plan.
And while there was apparently a plan being discussed to start the 08 schedule right after the 07 Tour Championship, that idea might have lost steam.
The goal now is to find a way to keep interest in a series of events beyond Labor Day to settle the top 125, 150 and other important numbers when some big name players might just pack it in. I said, 'some.'
You know Vijay is not going to pack it in. Im not going to pack it in. Guys are going to play.
Love was then asked if Phil would pack it in.
Probably. And maybe David Toms packs it in, Love said. I hope they do. If they stop at the Ryder Cup and they dont play until January, they cant beat us, I dont think in January and February. So I hope they do pack it in.
Love scoffed at the idea that the goal was to make the PGA Tour season shorter. He says the idea was to make the season more exciting. And ultimately nobody will agree on everything. But Love, unlike many, has a clear mind about doing whats right for the tour, whats right for golf and its loyal fans. Divisive attitudes have no place in working toward progress.
There is always 20 or 30 guys that complain. And there are always 20 or 30 guys that are really happy. And the rest of them are just trying to get better at golf.
'Look what baseball did. They added another round of playoffs. Look at football, they have more games. Hockey ' they restructured the whole game. If youre going to ask people to keep paying more and more money for it, you got to give them more value. And thats what were trying to do.
From a long-suffering Chicago White Sox fan, homegrown in Chicago and suddenly pinching myself, I know all about patience. Waiting for the right chemistry takes time. The PGA Tour will get it right - especially with guys like Davis Love in the mix of decision making.
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