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Among its two main objectives, the Sprint Pre & Post Game shows aim to inform and entertain. But if the show is really making the proper impact, then its also creating discussion in your house, your office and on your golf course.
Each day, some six hours before showtime, our Sprint gang meets in what we call 'the green room' to toss around topics, ideas and information that eventually becomes your entertainment. Wish you could be there. Because I guarantee that the hour or so in the 'green room' is at least as entertaining as the show you'll watch later.
As you can imagine, much of what is said can't be repeated on television, and is tempered and restructured for air. And believe me, given the tour experiences of our analysts, many of the discussions are at times 'out of bounds' for public consumption.
But we toss around many of the same issues you think about - I'm sure of that. And like you, we've got our opinions. But I want yours. So have a look at these questions (which have all come up during our pre-show meetings.) Sell me on your answers/theories and I'll toss some of the best back your way in a future column.
Here goes. Pick those you like and please keep the answers succinct:

1) Is Tiger Woods still deserving of the No. 1 ranking?

2) If you could simplify the World Golf Ranking system, how would you do it?

3) If Annika Sorenstam retired right now, what would become of the LPGA and the perception of its tour?

4) If Annika did retire, who, if anyone, would dominate the game?

5) Is Michelle Wie taking on more than she can handle or is more being heaped on her teenage shoulders than she's really asking for?

6) Going by recent history of say the last 15 years only, rank the major championships in men's golf in quality of entertainment value.

7) If you could play just one course before you died, which would it be and why?

8) What truly makes for a great golf course design?

9) The Champions Tour comes to your town, you go but can watch only three players. Who are they?

10) The LPGA comes to your town, you go but can watch only two players (Annika and Wie excluded). Who are they?

11) The European Tour comes to your town and the Nationwide Tour comes to your town in the same week. Which gets your attendance?

12) Just how much impact does a Ryder Cup/Solheim Cup captain really have on the outcome of the matches?

13) Can you think of somebody that Hal Sutton could pick as a 'Captain's Selection' who would have more of an emotional impact on the matches than John Daly?

14) Who would provide more of an 'intimidation factor' for any of Bernhard Langer's European Ryder Cup players - Daly or Mickelson?

15) Is the Presidents Cup gaining on the Ryder Cup?

16) Stroke play -18 holes tomorrow...your life savings....Tiger or Phil?

17) Match play - 36 holes tomorrow...your life savings...Tiger or Phil?

18) Match play 18 holes tomorrow...your life savings...Frank Nobilo or Brandel Chamblee?

19) Is Ben Curtis, Todd Hamilton or Pete Oakley really good for major championship golf?

20) You're commissioner of the PGA Tour...make one big change...what is it?

21) You're commissioner of the LPGA Tour...make one change...what is it?

22) You run network golf coverage...make it better with one idea.

23) You run the Sprint Pre & Post Game shows at TGC...what do you tell us in our 'green room' meeting?

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