PGA TOUR Slights Chicago


A second-rate decision regarding the second city. Thats my position and Im not going to change my opinion.
Last week the PGA TOUR announced that beginning in 2007 the Cialis Western Open as we know it will become the BMW Championship. Im okay with that ' given that the PGA TOUR brings in new sponsorship seemingly every year.
However, it also announced that the Cialis Western Open as we know it will no longer call Chicagoland home on an annual basis after 2007.
St. Louis gets it in 2008 and Indianapolis gets a turn in 2010 and perhaps Minneapolis will get a turn as well.
After more than 100 years the name Western will be dropped from the tournament name in favor of BMW. In the end, because of BMWs huge sponsorship dollars the Chick Evans Scholars will earn more money and thus send more young kids to college ' which I think is great.
But as a Chicago native who grew up in suburban Western Springs,IL and attended the Western Open for years, it hardly seems right that golf-crazy Chicago only gets PGA TOUR golf every other year.
Dont get me wrong, Im glad that St. Louis and Indianapolis will get their chance at seeing the biggest names in the game.
But to shortchange the Western Open? Cmon!
I didnt see the Nissan Open (Los Angeles) or the Barclays Championship (New York) finding itself in a rotation with .. oh Sacramento, San Francisco or perhaps Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. Is the Buick Open leaving Grand Blanc, MI at any point in the next few years to rotate with say .. Lansing?
Chicago has always supported its event. Chicago has a rich tradition. Chicago just happens to be one of the nations largest cities.
And dont try to sell me on the argument that Los Angeles lost its NFL franchise. The fact is, they didnt support it as they should have.
Bottom line ' Chicago is being wedged out of a full-time gig for no apparently great reason.
Yes, it will be nice to see it among the four events that culminate the FedEx Cup. But to see the PGA TOUR only show up on the odd year is more than. Well. Odd.
Im biased and I admit it. Orlando is home for me now, but Chicago will always be the one for me.
And it should be the one for the PGA TOUR. Every year. Agree?
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