Questions for Kraig - Austin Tex


Canadian Tour-LargeHey folks, Kraig Kann here in Austin, Tex., for the Canadian Tour's Texas Challenge. For the second week, the number of responses to our coverage has been terrific. Remember, you send the question including your name and where you're from and I'll answer one on the air over the weekend and put them all in this column which will appear at the So thanks for the great questions.
Curt Byrum, Jerry Foltz and Bryan DeCorso have had fun reading these over with me. Here we go!
1) Kraig, in your opinion, who is the most talented player on the Canadian Tour?
Witchita, Kansas
Steve, that's a very good question. Based on the last few weeks if you're going on sheer talent and potential ability Hank Kuehne gets my vote. The consenus out here is that his length and overall skills exceed the rest of the field. Steve Scott has a lot of ability as well. So does Jeff Quinney and even a guy like Rob McMillan from Canada. But Kuehne has em' all beat. His skills are amazing.
2) Which Canadian player scored a hole-in-one on a par-4 on last year's Canadian Tour?
George Smith
No hometown given
George, that was Todd Fanning who we featured Saturday during our coverage wearing a heart-rate monitor. It happened last year at the Shell Payless Open and tour officials told us they think it happened at the 6th hole. Great stuff.. and great memory by you. We still may see one this week at the 9th hole here at Circle C Ranch so keep your eyes in focus.

3) I was wondering what percentage of the players on the Canadian Tour actually get sponsorships and what kind of money are they making?
No hometown given
Matt, the percentage is very few and those who may be getting some endorsement money are getting very little compared to even a player from the Buy.Com Tour. This is a true proving ground tour with defininte talent. Guys like Quinney, Scott and Kuehne have a little endorsement value and a few established Canadians like Todd Fanning or Robb McMillan. But they're not getting rich off it.
4) Has a Canadian-born player ever won one of the four 'major' golf championships?

Vancouver, B.C.
Rich.. the answer is no. But don't count out Mike Weir he's got the ability for sure!

5) Will the Golf Channel be in Scottsdale with the Canadian Tour? If so, when will that be and what course are they playing?

Ann Sheppard
Scottsdale, Ariz.
Come out and see us, Ann. In two weeks the Canadian Tour makes a 'Scottsdale Swing' with a tournament at McCormick Ranch and then the next week there's a tournament at Eagle Mountain. Spread the word and keep the weathermen honest!
6) How do players qualify for the Canadian Tour? There are so many tours and so many players, is there a central organization that players refer to that gives them their options? If not how do they know?

Ann Sheppard
Scottsdale, Ariz.
There are 3 Qualifying Schools for the Canadian Tour. The recent Winter Qualifying Tour allowed Hank Kuehne, Jeff Quinney and James Driscoll among others to get their cards. There will be a Spring Q-School later this year in Canada and a Fall Q-school for Canadians who've lost they're playing privleges. There is no 'central organization' as you call it. Players find out about tours and options from their agents and from word of mouth. It's not a very complicated process actually.
7) I have some confusion on where to drop when you have hit the ball over the green into a hazard. Should you take the 2-club length rule from nearest point of entry from behind the green (which would put you closer to the hole) or do you go back to the original spotfrom where you hit?
David A. Ardis
No hometown given
David, you can take your 2-club drop no nearer the hole in any direction. But if you can't drop it without being nearer the hole, you must either go back to the original spot where you played from or you can go behind the hazard or on the other side of the hazard keeping the hazard between you and the green. Our announcers had a good time talking about this one.
8) Why is the Canadian Tour playing so many events outside of Canada??!!
Keith B.
Boulder, Col.
Hey Keith, what's the temperature up in Canada right now? About 12 degrees probably and there can't be too many courses open. Thus the idea, which has been a very good one, to get the season rolling south of the Canadian border. Eight events in the United States this year and one in Mexico plus the already completed Panama Open.
9) When was the Canadian Tour founded? Was it very long ago?
Joey Burris
Chicago, Ill.
Joey, the tour which is now the Canadian Tour began in 1983. That was the first year there was an 'order of merit winner'. But this tour actually has roots before that played by mostly Canadian born players. The Tour then grew into what is now the Canadian Tour which will play 16 full-field events this year, 19 total for a purse of $3.2 million Canadian.
10) Hi Kraig, I am 16-years-old with a 5.2 handicap and play on a junior tour here in B.C. What tournaments I should play in order to make myself known or ready myself for a professional career. Do you suggest I play in amateur or junior events?
Darren Ottenbreit
British Columbia
Hi Darren, we actually answered your question during our telecast on Saturday. Curt Byrum praised you for a solid handicap, but let you know that there's a lot of work to do. You need to come to the United States and compete in the American Junior Golf Association events. That's where the best young players are competing these days. Great competition. Play in those events and don't be disturbed by 17-year-old Ty Tryon who has a PGA Tour card already. Some guys like yourself are in need of a very good instructor who can work with you. And some guys just bloom a bit late. Good luck!!