Things I Cant Believe


The more you work in this business, the more you stand - or sit, in amazement at the things you witness.
Its the best sport you can cover for so many reasons. The most impressive is the class that some players exhibit in the midst of competition ' the self-policing of themselves as they compete for millions of dollars.
Along the way ' there are the things that make you go wow. And as we head toward Augusta and the Masters Tournament in just a couple weeks, Ive seen and heard some things I just cant believe this year.
So heres my list, beginning with the PGA TOURs most recent winner.
* How in the name of the World Golf Rankings is Vijay Singh ranked seventh? Are you telling me that Adam Scott (fourth) is better? Or what about Henrik Stenson and Ernie Els (fifth and sixth?) Els hasnt won on the PGA TOUR for years, not months. Itll even out eventually but this is ridiculous.
* Whens the last time Tiger Woods got to within one shot of the lead on a Sunday during the front nine and didnt end up winning the tournament? It happened at Bay Hill on Sunday. That double-bogey and triple-bogey down the stretch lead to an inward nine of 43 and 76. I still cant believe it. Now the question is is the meltdown a sign of things not going his way at Augusta? I cant believe it is.
* Can you believe players are second-guessing the potential of a shortened field at the newly created AT&T National? A.K.A. - The Tiger Woods Invitational. some are chapped at the possibility. I can believe theyre hurt, but I cant believe theyd make such a public fuss about any event Woods brings to the table. Last years 125th on the money list made almost $661,000. Add in endorsement money and its plenty more than that. These days you can lose your card and still pay off your mortgage with a check ' thanks to Tigers presence. Rocco Mediate said last week on GOLF CHANNEL that the rank and file need to shut up. That comment from Mediate, I can believe.
* Two weeks from the Masters and no honorary starter? I cant believe it. Arnold Palmer is reportedly giving it a second thought after being offered the role after his record 50th (and final) Masters appearance three years ago. Lets hope he takes it and brings Gary Player and Jack Nicklaus along with him in the coming years.
* John Rollins is currently fifth among Americans on the Presidents Cup standings. Hard to believe when I looked at it. But Rollins is for real. Hes seventh in scoring average and third in total birdies and the all-around ranking. Then again, I couldnt believe Brett Wetterich made the Ryder Cup team, so Ill need to warm on Rollins quickly.
* What happened to Ernie and Retief? I still cant believe theyre missing among PGA TOUR winners this year. Heck, I cant believe they didnt win last year. Five years ago if youd have told me Ernie Els was going to injure his knee, Id have said his talent was good enough to win on one leg. Now Im confused.
* I picked Justin Leonard to win again this year. So far, seven starts and just one cut made. He earned about $10,000 at Arnies Invite which doesnt exactly make me feel confident about things. I hope he does.
* Cant believe neither Annika nor Lorena didnt win in Mexico a few weeks back. I figured Annika would do it. I couldnt believe Ochoa didnt factor and I really cant believe Meaghan Francella ended up stealing the show.
* This is the first week for the Nationwide Tour in the states? Cmon. I cant believe we cant get a few events before late March. Given that Mark Wilson made it 200 former Nationwide Tour winners in the winners circle on the PGA TOUR, Im ready to see whos going to be next years Charley Hoffman or Boo Weekley. Lets go already!
* Can the 'Florida Swing' be any better? I cant believe how good things have gone over the last few weeks. The Honda Classics move to PGA National was a home run and the finish was a Grand Slam. The PODS Championship is another great test and the Calcavecchia story was terrific. The Arnold Palmer Invitational made it three great courses in three weeks. Suddenly the run to the Masters is like a marathon if you play them all. Every course feels like a major. Well see about Doral this week.
* What I cant believe is that Houston is now the week before Augusta. It felt strange when the schedule came out. Im guessing that by next week it will feel completely wrong. And thats no slight on the folks in Houston who know as much about hospitality as any group on the PGA TOUR.
* And I cant believe the Masters is almost here and I really cant pinpoint a favorite. Sure, Tigers the guy to beat. But do you feel safe in picking him? I cant believe he wont get it figured out, but I also cant believe youd feel safe in taking him against the field right now.
* Cant believe my vacation is over and its back to work this week. Sunburn after a ski trip to Colorado where the temps were near 60 degrees???? How does that make sense?
And finally, I cant believe the number of you who chime in with your comments each week. It's great and I appreciate it. See you on the Sprint Pre/Post Game this week.

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