A Wedding Wish for Tigers Locker


Dear Tiger,
Kraig Kann here from TGC. Hope this note finds you well, and your ailing back feeling better. (Didnt realize those private planes could be so uncomfortable.)
I havent received an official or unofficial invitation to the wedding. Reports have all but assured us that its taking place in Barbados on Monday. Reports also say its taking place at a place called Sandy Lane Resort. I did a search and found it to be a breathtaking honeymooners paradise. Good choice.
Reports also say Elins been there for a few days at the spa getting ready. Reports also say you and Elin and a few of her girlfriends have been spotted at the resort in recent weeks. So, if I choose it all to be true, Im writing to wish you good luck with this new chapter in your life.
But I must admit that as a member of the media, Im a bit leery of reports. After all, reports just prior to the Ryder Cup had you and Elin on the outs. Supposedly a big argument led to the break-up.
By the way, we even called the Sandy Lane Resort looking for a room for next week. They told us all 112 of the rooms were booked ' under one guest!
Man, you must get sick of all this stuff! Private life be damned! But I want to applaud you for handling it as you have.
Sure, Ive been a bit down on some of your on-course behavior of late, but the way youve handled the off-course rumors and even truths has been exemplary.
I was in Milwaukee in 1996 when you made the famed statement, Hello world. You tied for 60th that week. Bet you never imagined what your life would be like each and every day after that news conference announcing that you were turning professional. Golf paparazzi chasing your every drive, following your every late afternoon drive, and wedging themselves into every little moment of time your eyes are open.
Back to that Ryder Cup week and the questions about your alleged break-up with Elin. While you questioned the medias reporting skills by asking how or why a certain number of us could get away with such reporting, you never demanded an apology. You never singled any reporter out for bad behavior either. Assuming the report was inaccurate, you had every reason to put that reporter in the Dan Rather position.
There are times though -- many of them actually -- that I wish we could get a little more from you in the interview setting. As a member of the Sprint Pre/Post Game show, I wish youd storm the set unannounced like our chummy pals Darren Clarke and Lee Westwood giving us entertainment value that any television network would die for.
I wish we could get a few more sit-down interviews without having to jump through hoops to get it done.
But you know what, I guess I understand. And this report about your break-up with the woman youre set to marry is reason enough to make things tough on us.
So, I just want to wish you the best this weekend in Ireland. Get the W as a wedding present to yourself!
And I want to give you and Elin my best on Monday. As a married man with three great children, the best of your life is ahead of you.
No matter how many people want you to live the same life you did in 1999 (8 wins) and 2000 (9 wins including 3 straight majors), do yourself a favor and dont look back. Dont ever look back.
Look ahead to the great life that begins on Monday. I have a great feeling that marital bliss will lead to even better golf. And nothing would make the fans and fellow PGA Tour pros happier than to see Tiger Woods back at his very best.
I can guarantee that Vijay wants to beat Tiger when he appears unbeatable. No. 1 in the world is great, but still a bit hollow with a weakened Woods. Ernie, too, wants his shot at No. 1 while Tiger is playing his best game. Even Woody Austin wants a victory to count when a top-notch Tiger is competing alongside him.
Please, give us everything youve got toward the goal of reaching your old form. But do it at your pace. Dont rush it. Take time to enjoy the good life and the good wife. Just dont give up the habit of good golf.
The best time of your life is set to begin. And it has nothing to do with 18 professional majors. Trust meif you can.
Kraig Kann
p.s. Are you and Elin registered at Target?
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