What Im Really Thinking


This weeks take comes from the site of the Bank of America Colonial. Im still sorting out the mailbag from your responses on topics Ive raised over the last few weeks. And I promise that youll soon get a taste and sampling of what came my way.
As it currently stands, Ive received more than 600 comments (some much longer and more in depth than others) regarding last weeks Tiger Take.
You can choose to believe me or not, but the reaction is overwhelmingly in support of Woods and strongly against those who choose to find any reason to dismiss this mans ability and responsibility to the game which he has dominated (until now) for the past seven or so years.
Again, Ill give you a sampling of YOUR responses in the coming weeks. But ' and this is important for you Take Tiger to Task' folks ' the most dominant thread from those who responded is that of his on-course behavior.
Many said I didnt fully address that one. My reason was simple. I didnt want to spew my take on everything as much as I wanted to solicit your take on Woods as a whole. It worked!
Still, you want it? You got it. I admire Woods on the course as much as any player on any tour. His aggressive style is infectious. His competitive nature is unparalleled. HOWEVER, his tendency to toss clubs with the art of an Olympic javelin thrower is, not only embarrassing, but also uncalled for. Imagine Michael Jordan missing a critical shot down the stretch and when the timeout is called, heaving the ball towards the ref. Imagine Sammy Sosa striking out in the seventh with men on and chucking his bat back toward the batboy. And then with runners in scoring position in the ninth, Sammy does it yet again. You get my point.
Tiger Woods is, like it or not, a symbol of excellence in the game. He is a model for those who desire to be the best. He is the player who represents the PGA Tour and professional golf above all others. He didnt ask for it, mind you, but it has come his way.
You all seem to think he doesnt get fined. Many of you think Woods escapes the wrath of the PGA Tour. Well, you are wrong. Woods is fined just like any other player. His poor use of language while on television is a bad habit - really bad. He should know better, and I actually believe he does. But, THIS is the time he needs to show a bit of class, more than any other. People expect you to act professional when things are going well. They dont know what to expect when things are going poorly. So, time to shape up. Its time to respect the game and its fans now more than ever before. It will come back tenfold when things turn around.
There. Theres my take on his on-course behavior. And Ill share many more reactions in the coming articles. Again, my mailbag is stuffed so please be patient.
I have some other thoughts to share:
1. Really getting excited about the U.S. Open. I was there at Shinnecock in 1995 when Corey Pavin won. Its a great track. Normally, the U.S. Open is my least favorite of the major championships to watch for four days because theres not enough excitement. Its more about disappointment. Watching players struggle for pars is great. But there arent enough great moments between Thursday and Saturday to get me hyped for Sunday like I should. Its just different. I feel like Im waiting for the leader to make a critical double bogey instead of a miraculous birdie. Just doesnt seem right to me.
2. Really beginning to think that Phil Mickelson might win two majors this year. He has to be the favorite for the U.S. Open. Not saying hell win it, but you have to believe hes got at least as good a shot as anyone. I cant say Ive thought that before.
3. Really beginning to wonder if Woods might be in for 2-of-3 missed cuts at this
years remaining majors. You know the commercial where he says, Oh, so this is what the rough looks like.? Well, these days hes very well aware of what the rough looks like. Shinnecock wont stand for a less-than-capable Woods; Royal Troon is tight, as well. And Whistling Straits is hardly forgiving. Rescues from the fescue could be the theme for Tiger.
4. Really beginning to believe that if Woods does find it soon and get back to his
winning ways, hell have more fans than ever before and more respect, too, for fighting through his struggles on his own time and maintaining a level of contention that NO ONE ELSE could maintain.
5. Really beginning to tire of the public outcry that the media sucks up to Tiger
like nobodys business. Maybe some think that the media is afraid that they wont land that big interview or something. But remember, hes not exactly offering up sit-down interviews at rapid rates! Ill speak for myself and my colleagues only and you can call me out if you want, but I believe that Tigers faults are pointed out every single time theyre warranted. At the same time, his talents and successes are pointed out, too. Face it folks, the biggest names get the most attention in any sport. Ali, Jordan, Reggie Jackson, Williams sisters etc, are scrutinized for every move they make. And last I checked, Hollywood doesnt roll out the red carpet for the B movie actors the same way they do the megastars. The paparazzi doesnt chase with the same furor either.
6. Really beginning to think the Korean influence on the LPGA Tour is amazing. And with the great golf were seeing because of it, Im quite certain that the American women are feeling their collective grip on the tours spotlight getting looser by the week.
7. Really confused by Michelle Wies choice to head for France and the Evian
Masters during the same summer week that the USGAs U.S. Junior Girls Championship is taking place at Mira Vista Country Club in Fort Worth, Texas. Tiger dominated at the USGA Junior level. Hes turned out all right. Is there a feeling that if Wie doesnt show, she avoids a possible no-win situation? Win and shes expected to. Lose and shes talked about more than the girl who beats her.
8. Sticking with Wie ' really an eye-opener that a former PGA Tour professional told me that Wie could seriously make a run at a U.S. Mens Public Links Championship. If she gets into the match-play portion of the event, she begins each match with a 2-up advantage simply because of intimidation, he said. The men will be overanxious, fearing that theyd be the one to lose against Michelle. By the way, the winner goes to the Masters.
9. Really wondering whats up with Greg Norman? DQd again? Thats embarrassing for a man who really needs something positive to happen ON the golf course these days.
10. Really pinching myself over the opportunity that I got this week to caddie for Steve Flesch in the pro-am at the Bank of America Colonial. Caddies on tour tried to scare the bag right off my shoulder, but Id have none of it. You have no idea (probably) how great it is to just hear the sound made by that ball screaming off the clubface of a PGA Tour winner. The bags not as heavy as I thought; walking 18 holes is really good exercise; wasnt anywhere near as sore as I thought Id be; and Id do it again if asked. Fans in the gallery were great! Best line of the day came from one of our amateur players who asked me, So, Kraig, how long have you been on Steves bag?
Heres hoping your golf game is geared up for the summer ahead. Thanks for the comments. Ill empty the mailbag and share some of them next week.
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