The classic elegance of The Greenbrier


My first experience of visiting the Greenbrier was when I was very young. I was around eight or nine years old and had lunch there while driving through West Virginia with my Grandma, Mom and Sister. As a young girl, I remember being so taken with the bold colors and fearless patterns in every room of the Resort. Returning as a 27 year old, it was good to see that nothing had changed—well, in the decor that is. Truth be told, there has been a lot going on at the Greenbrier, and I had some exploring to do.

Yes, the hotel is still very much the same (thank goodness), but this place caters to all ages. I had a chance to experience just a few of the 50-plus activities that they offer, and I was busy! If there's a shooting range, I'm there. Even in my hometown, I've been to pretty much every one within a 50 mile radius. However, testing your target skills at the Greenbrier has a historical element and was one of my favorite experiences during this trip (plus, I hit a few of the clay discs).

But, if I do have to pick a favorite off-course activity, Whitewater Rafting on the gorge takes the cake. Wow! I was pretty pumped up for this one right off the bat, but nothing can prepare you for that rush! If you're looking for a high-intensity, team-building task, and don't mind getting a little wet, this is it. I'm already planning to return later this year with some friends and tackle some of the tougher spots on the river (even a 14ft. vertical drop).

Now, back to the greens. The history of golf at the Greenbrier makes the resort what it is today. Being able to walk in the footsteps of Slammin' Sammy on the Old White and Greenbrier courses was perfection in my eyes. To play that par 3 18, where Sam made his final ace, is a must when you're planning a West Virginia golf trip. I guarantee it.

The must-do in Greenbrier (Ok, there are two):  Play either the Old White or the Snead Course. Then get your heart rate going and cool off at the same time while tackling Class 5 rapids. I can't wait to get back!

Best time to go: Depends on what you’re looking to do. Spring and summertime is perfect for golf and tackling those rapids, but they offer some great snow skiing, as well! This was actually the first place I saw snow!

My Guest List: This, to me, is a family trip. With the history of the underground Bunker, a long list of 'team' activities and even a place to get a family photo taken by the Greenbrier's Resident Photographer (many families have their photo taken annually here), this is true quality time.