Janangelos Seven Wonders


Editor's note: LPGA Tour rookies will be blogging throughout the 2008 season. Liz Janangelo was one of the country's top amateur and one of the best ever to play at Duke University. She is a two-time winner on the Duramed FUTURES Tour and tied for 14th at Q-school to earn exempt status on tour this year.
First and foremost I would like to start off by being honest. After all it is the best policy. The 'Rookie Blog' 100 percent slipped my mind. Yup, no big surprise there. After a few helpful e-mail reminders from former Duramed FUTURES Tour Pro-Am partners stressing the importance of the blog, I got my act together, buckled down and here we are. One could relate this to my Duke University days when I procrastinated until the very last second to comprise a masterpeice.
The past 2 hours I polled the local West Bay Golf Club Membership and Staff to see what they wanted to read about on my LPGA.com blog.
Liz Janangelo
Liz learns first hand the dangers of the hippo (Photo courtesy LPGA.com)
The top 3 responses were:
1. No one cares about your blog! 'It's no biggiieee!!' (11 golfers)
2. When is Natalie blogging? (10 1/2 golfers)
3. (You're) a professional golfer? (4 golfers)
Thanks for the help, guys!!
All kidding aside, there are seven extremely important issues that I wanted to tackle in 'Blog 1.' (I was hoping for 10 but I ran out of ideas.) In the off season I learned a great deal about myself and life in general. The 7 wonders included:
(Disclaimer: The people who shared some of this with me are not necessarily the brightest bulbs in the box. So if it is not PURE 100% fact I apologize.)
1. The hippo is the most dangerous animal in Africa. It kills more people than all of the other animals combined.
2. W-9 is NOT a new version of WD-40.
3. It takes 53 licks and 16 bites to fininsh a McDonald's ice cream cone.
4. This year inflation may outpace interest earned in your bank account. Bummer.
5. Ivory soap floats in the tub.
6. If your water smells like sulfur and is a little murky, chances are if you shower in it, you too will smell like sulfur. Mmmm!!!
7. If you know someone who LOVES gummy bears more than life itself, Harabo sells 10lb bags of gummy bears.
Thanks for reading my mind and I hope to have interesting stories to share after Hawaii!
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