Whats Really in The Bag


Editor's note: LPGA Tour rookies will be blogging throughout the 2008 season. Liz Janangelo was one of the country's top amateur and one of the best ever to play at Duke University. She is a two-time winner on the Duramed FUTURES Tour and tied for 14th at Q-school to earn exempt status on tour this year.
When the sneezing begins that could mean only one thing, it's officially Spring! Spring is peachy; it's filled with showers and flowers, birds and bees, and the Red Sox. Fortunately, due to a break in the LPGA Tour schedule, I was able to catch up on the most important springtime task, cleaning. I put on the rubber gloves and got down and dirty with my YES! golf bag.
After cleaning the easy items out of the bag such as empty sleeves of Pro-V1x and ancient FootJoy gloves, I tackled the more difficult of items. These are the items that seem to nestle in the nooks and crannies of the bag.
The belly of the bag (The big pocket with my name on it):
  • One of my dad's FootJoy socks and my FootJoy socks. Who did the laundry!?
  • An empty tin of Wintergreen Skoal. God bless tour caddies.
  • Half eaten peanut butter and jelly sandwich in a baggy.
  • White Golftini sweater with Diet Coke stains, great!
  • A NOW empty can of Diet Coke.
  • Those little oval stickers that are on apples.
    In my smaller pocket:
  • LeSportSac Hawaiian Satchel: Holds tees, loose change and girl products.
  • Lucky Redstick Golf Club plastic push ball marker. Yes, I mark my ball with a pushy like a 20 handicap, nifty.
  • Gum wrappers with old gum in them. Stride, Cinnamon Trident, etc. (Note to self: gum will stick to balls, creating a gumball).
  • Empty packets of Crystal Light On-the-Go.
    Tiniest pocket above belly:
  • Burts Bees chapstick for those windy days.
  • Kiehls spf 25 sunscreen. Wrinkles, need I say more.
  • Aleve. Keeps my rickety 24-year-old body feeling young and alive.
  • Athletic tape. We are athletes.
    Now that the bag is as clean as a whistle the only thing that needed to be taken care of was washing the headcovers. The headcovers of the moment are my West Bay Hippo Driver cover (name is still undecided and suggestions are welcome), Duke 3-wood cover, Newport CC rocket launcher cover (16 hybrid), Masters Grenade launcher cover (19 hybrid) -- note the rocket launcher travels a greater distance than the grenade launcher -- and a black YES! Putter cover. Threw them in the washing machine, round they went, out they came, as good as new!!
    Thank God spring cleaning is over. Now it's time to make some birdies!!
    Oh and did you know? By closing its ears and nostrils the hippopotamus can stay under water for as long as six minutes!?
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