Lets Get It On


Break Break: KaImagine 12 ladies playing golf in Hawaii for two weeks with all expenses paid and competing in Big Break on GOLF CHANNEL ' it just doesn't get much better than that if you love golf!
While flying to Maui, my mind was racing thinking about the 11 other competitors. Would I know any of them? Would I like them and would we get along? Fear of the unknown, however, changed into a pleasant sigh of relief when I recognized five of the other contestants from competing against them on the Duramed Futures Tour.
There were also concerns about the show and if it would be like Survivor. After orientation, that too was answered as it became clear to me who would bond, who the strong players were, who the rookies were, and who my main competition would be. Uncertainty turned to confidence, and I immediately planned my strategy. Similar to Survivor strong alliances were formed, one of which was the Duramed Futures Tour players.
During our time together I learned that it's OK to remove the mask, to be vulnerable, and to open up and reveal the real Lori. I decided to branch out and attempt to befriend the others outside my group. The result was making new friends!
This type of show will bring out the best and worst in us. Some are happy-go-lucky, some cutthroat, and some just good ole' American Pie girls. All in all, it is still a competition with golf being the common thread that holds us together ' or tears us apart. Keep watching, you may see someone you will love to hate.
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