She Said


Football, Football, Football!

Once again, the boys decided to try and take me out. Once again, their great plan just didn't come together—thankfully!

Football decided to take me on in the Benching Challenge. The boys won the head-to-head matches and once again got to take a one-stroke advantage into the Benching Challenge.  Frankly, I was very nervous. A couple of episodes ago, I got my first strike, and the last thing I wanted was to get another strike. I'm sure my team was nervous too, although they tried not to show it. I know my team needed me to stay in the game!

So, there is a three-hole challenge, and I'm down a stroke before I tee off. Three holes is not a lot of time to make up a one-stroke advantage, but golf shows us again and again that anything is possible. The first hole is straightforward, and we end up tying. I feel like I'm close to finding my groove and just playing golf, but the nerves are as fierce as ever. The second hole was where the craziness started! Football hit it out of bounds! What the heck? I know this is a huge opportunity for me, but so far, hitting fairways has not been my strength. I hit the fairway. I couldn't decide on which club to hit on the second shot. That indecision caused me to pull the shot and miss the green. Now that advantage I thought I had was gone. As I have told all the girls I work with on Tour, forget what lies behind and stay in the moment. I took my own advice and pressed on. After all the ups and downs, we tie.

We have one more hole, and I'm still down a shot. Getting that second strike looks like a definite possibility. I knew I needed to play great, and I was going to need a little help from Football, too. Fortunately, Football did help me out! I don't know what happened to him, but it was like he suddenly forgot how to play golf. He hit it all over the place, chipped like a beginner and then putted like he had his eyes closed. I won! I couldn't believe it. My motto on the course is to keep moving, and this challenge was the perfect example of

why. In golf, you never know what is going to happen. Football gave me a $5,000 gift, MVP points and a trip to the spa.

Well, about that trip to the spa. It was great, but I'm not the spa kind of gal. Then, I find out I'm going to the spa with Football!? He has never had a massage, and I'm feeling a little uncomfortable getting a full body massage with a guy who is young enough to be my son! Needless to say, it was a great experience. Football is a great country bumpkin, but could use a little refinement in the spa area. So, next time you are heading to the spa, take Football with you. It's a whole different experience! I hope you enjoyed watching a country bumpkin and an old gal at the spa. Keep watching, because it just gets better!