Dont Let Me Down


The Big Break VII Like a funeral where mourners say nice things about the departed, Dave Gunas shook Kelly Murrays hand and other Big Break VII: Reunion contestants made the proper remarks when Murray joined Nikki DiSanto in making their exit from the series.
Maybe the kindness was out of relief that one of the more talented players was off the show. Maybe its the golfers code. But whatever the reason, they dont have Murray to worry about anymore after Gunas beat him in an Elimination Challenge.
Kindred spirits and teammates, Murray and DiSanto, who lost an Elimination Challenge to Pam Garrity, bonded in a realm that is rarely found in golf. Few teams warm up doing yoga or discuss Mother Nature while reading a putt. But hey, the golf ball doesnt know if players are flakes or philosophers. Murrays smooth move had competitors shaking their head in disbelief about both the shots jumping off his clubface and the words coming out of his mouth.
DiSanto, an aspiring actress, was merely along for the ride and soaked up what Murray was selling. A proponent of the Natural Golf method made famous by the late Moe Norman, Murray can carve, slice and hook shots that most players have not thought about hitting, much less having the ability to execute. Dag blame it, in the first episode he pulled his infamous driver off the deck to successfully shatter the glass a mere 20 yards away.
As talented as Murray is with a golf club, he seems to make bogey when dealing with people. In some cases, double bogey.
He is the most irritating, the most chauvinistic, self-centered-yoga-flipping dude I have ever met in my life, said Bri Vega, who teamed with Murray during The Big Break VI: Trump National. The statement was made in the confessional room, a place in which a contestant is alone and can say anything to a camera.
The verbal salvo came after a dispute in which Murray underestimated how far a female could hit the ball and refused to answer Vegas question on the subject. Later Murray and DiSanto mimicked Vega on the issue.
Ashley Gomes, a friend of Vega, also caught Murrays act in the previous Big Break and has a more politically correct take.
He is generally a nice person. Hes just different, said Gomes.
In what must have been a sweet victory for Vega, she and partner Tommy Gainey won the Immunity Challenge, sending Murray and DiSanto to the Elimination Challenge to face Gunas and partner Garrity respectively. Competitions in The Big Break VII are team events with the losing teams going to an Elimination Challenge. Once there, teams are split and males compete against males and female take on other females.
After losing to Gunas, Murray took the defeat in his normal philosophic manner.
I cant sing or dance, this is what I do. I am what I am and everyone is what they are, said the Reston, Va. resident. I just want to have fun along the way and smell the flowers and be a good guy.
Murray and DiSanto are the seventh and eighth contestants eliminated from the original field of 16. The Big Break concept pits highly skilled golfers against each other in challenges that test physical skills and mental toughness. During The Big Break VII, competitors will be eliminated with the last one standing crowned the winner.
Each show features two to three challenges, the outcome of each influencing who stays and who goes home. Each challenge will demand precision shot-making designed to simulate conditions that players face every week on Tour.
The remaining eight contestants are still competing for the grand prize. If one of the eight male professionals is victorious, then he will either earn a spot in the field of the 2007 Cox Classic on the Nationwide Tour. Should one of the eight females claim the title, then she will be invited to compete in the 2007 Ginn Tribute Hosted by Annika on the LPGA Tour.
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