Luck Finally Runs Out One Girl Remains


The Big Break VIILaura Londons luck ran out after living on the edge of elimination during The Big Break VII: Reunion. After successfully surviving three Elimination Challenges she was unable to escape a fourth and was ousted from the series in the eighth episode.
London had her chance to avoid missing The Big Breaks version of a cut in the episodes two Immunity Challenges, but ultimately was joined by Tommy Gainey and Mike Foster in a short-game Elimination Challenge. In the competition, players attempted to get up-and-down from four locations around the 11th green of the Palmer course at Ginn Reunion Resort and Spa. Points were awarded for each location and the individual with the fewest points was eliminated from the show.
Gainey easily moved on the next show by successfully navigating two of the first three locations and left London and Foster playing for the right to advance.
Its just who executes better, Foster said of the challenge. There is no fine line. Two will stay and one will go.
London was gone after failing to gain any points during the challenge. She had chances, but missed two putts inside of 10 feet and wasnt up to her normal form.
I gave it the old college try but it wasnt good enough. Thats the way it goes on The Big Break, London said. Ive been really fortunate to be paired with some really neat individuals and that is more important than just winning.
Foster survived to play another day and was somewhat surprised that London was not more successful. He, and other contestants, had become accustomed to the Scottsdale, Ariz. native dragging herself to the competition each day despite an illness that produced a cough so violent it cracked one of her ribs. Despite the injury, London continued to hit clutch shots time and again to escape elimination.
In the first two you are so scared you are going home, London said about her experience in Elimination Challenges. By the third you are a veteran and this time I was so use to it I wasnt nervous.
The Big Break concept pits highly skilled golfers against each other in challenges that test physical skills and mental toughness. During The Big Break VII, competitors will be eliminated with the last one standing crowned the winner. Each show features two to three challenges, the outcome of each influencing who stays and who goes home. Each challenge will demand precision shot-making designed to simulate conditions that players face every week on Tour.
With Londons departure, Ashley Gomes is the sole female of the remaining five contestants competing for the grand prize. If one of the remaining male professionals is victorious, then he will earn a spot in the field of the 2007 Cox Classic on the Nationwide Tour. Should one of the females claim the title, then she will be invited to compete in the 2007 Ginn Tribute Hosted by ANNIKA on the LPGA Tour.
With the type of mental scrutiny and psychological warfare that constantly goes on, I think Ashley is the girl for the job, London said in giving Gomes a vote of confidence. Shes tough and plays the game correctly.
A veteran of coed Big Break VI: Trump National, Gomes isnt afraid of playing with the boys.
I plan to give every single one of those guys a run for their money, Gomes said. Girl power. Im going to represent for all the women out there.
Joining Gomes will be the male quartet of Gainey, Foster, Don Donatello and David Gunus.
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