Maxwell Eliminated from Big Break Disney Golf


Sporting a bold style of play to match a colorful wardrobe, Kevan Maxwell doesn’t back down.  It was his aggressive nature, though, that led to his elimination from Big Break Disney Golf.

Maxwell’s demise came at the hands of Kevin Erdman and Sean Kalin in an elimination challenge where the trio hit from three locations, all of which offered risk/reward scenarios that tested both course management and shot-making ability. The player recording the most strokes was eliminated.

The first location demanded contestants hit a 155-yard shot from the left rough and over water with a tree in the player’s sightline to the hole. Instead of playing safely to the right of the green or short to the fairway, Maxwell chose to go over the tree with hopes of hitting the green to apply pressure on his opponents. The bold plan backfired when his ball clipped the tree and landed in the water fronting the green. Maxwell posted a five, one more than Erdman and Kalin.

“I just caught it thin,” Maxwell said of his effort. “If I pull it off, it changes the story for the other guys. If you fail, you fail. You just can’t be afraid to fail.”

Playing aggressively on the remaining two locations while his opponents took the safe route, Maxwell was not able to make up ground and became the third player from the 12-man field eliminated from the 10-week series

The golf landscape is populated by players like Maxwell who posses the talent but not the means to pursue a professional career. Working at Kiawah Island Golf Resort by day and delivering pizza at night leaves him neither the time nor money to compete and develop his game. What he does have is a passion that seemingly has no expiration date.

“Anybody who knows me knows golf is what I want to do, and it is my heart’s desire,” said Maxwell. “I love to practice as much as I love to play. I know I could make it if I had more time to put into the game. When my time comes, I will be able to do it. I have to go back home and go to work to make some money to pay bills and play in tournaments.”