Caponi to be Inducted into Hall of Fame


On behalf of the LGPA and all of its members, it gives me great pleasure to be able to announce today that Donna Caponi, a 24-time champion on the LPGA Tour, champion during her playing time on the LPGA Tour, as well as a four time major winner is the newest member of the LGPA Tour Hall of Fame. Those were the words of LPGA Tour Commissioner Ty Votaw during a teleconference Wednesday confirming what everyone expected all along.
Caponi received the prerequisite 3/4's of the induction ballots from her peers and is now the second player to be inducted into the Hall of Fame under the Veterans Category. She joins Judy Rankin who was the first inductee under the category created in February of 1999.
We could not be happier for Donna, Commissioner Votaw elaborated. Her career is without question a Hall of Fame career and we will be thrilled to watch her induction into the World Golf Hall of Fame in November.
Caponi, winner of five majors, was away from her phone for the last eight days while in Kenya, Africa on a photo safari. It wasnt until yesterday afternoon when she landed in Houston, TX that she turned on her cell phone. The very first message was from Votaw who passed on the good news.
I wanted to just scream at the top of my lungs in baggage claim but there wasnt anyone around to talk to,'said Caponi. 'Its sort of silly, Im grabbing luggage and talking to myself at the same time - people were kind of looking at me a little bit weird.
Caponi immediately shared the news with her boyfriend Ted, and sisters Janet and Tinamaria.
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