A Happy Mothers Day in More Ways than One


Pat Hurst knows what it feels like to be a winner on Mothers Day. Eleven months after giving birth to her son Jackson, she brought home the first trophy since giving birth. What made this win so special? Well, it fell on Mothers Day.
It is nice to be here defending. I have a lot of good memories here,' Hurst said as she reflected on her win last year. It was nice to step up on the first tee when I got here; it brought good memories back to me.
There are 19 moms teeing up at the Electrolux USA Championship ' all are hopeful of adding another reason why Sunday should be a very Happy Mothers Day.
Dawn Coe-Jones, Dale Eggeling, Cindy Figg-Currier, Tammie Green, Nan Kyong Ha, Pat Hurst, Juli Inkster, Denise Killeen, Carin Koch, Nancy Lopez, Caroline McMillan, Terry-Jo Myers, Catrin Nilsmark, Kristal Parker, Susie Redman, Laurie Rinker-Graham, Lenore Rittenhouse, Colleen Walker and Barb Whitehead all pull double-duty by holding down jobs and raising families.
Barb Whitehead will have a child in tow on and off the course this week. Whitehead, who is headed towards motherhood for the second time, is seven months pregnant and expects to give birth in August of this year.
The diversity of the LPGA Tour shines through in the childrens names of these 19 touring moms. Yoon Choe, Taylor-Jo, Kaleigh and Ian are among a few of the childrens names. Yet, by far the most interesting name on Tour has to be that of Catrin Nilsmarks little girl.
The 511 Swedish beauty named her only child Tuva, which in Swedish means 'little tuft of grass' - most appropriate for the daughter of a touring pro.