Time Off a Welcome Reprieve


The unprecedented two-and-a-half-month break between seasons is a welcomed relief for LGPA Tour players who, just last week, wrapped up a grueling year. This is a rare opportunity to sleep in their own beds, eat home cooked meals and enjoy some well-deserved rest and relaxation. For some, two and a half months represents much-needed time to prepare themselves both mentally and physically for the coming season.
If anyone deserves time off, its Annika Sorenstam. After the incredible year she had - winning eight events and breaking countless records throughout the season ' its time to hang up the clubs for a while. Im going to have a long break,' she said. 'Im just going to be home, spend time with my husband, relax, and have fun.
Im not going to touch a club for a while, said Sorenstam after revealing plans to do a little skiing in January. I think that would be important, just to relax. I want to work out and enjoy life a little bit. You know, go out with friends and do the things that you cant do as much when youre on the road. I dont want to think too much ahead.
Lorie Kane, Marisa Baena and Meg Mallon are all looking forward to spending time with family and friends. All three have plans to relax in their homelands. In fact, most players are just looking forward to being home for a while.
We never live at home anyway, so it will be nice to stay in one place for more than a week, Janice Moodie said.
Im going home to P.E.I. (Prince Edward Island), Canada, to spend time with my family, Kane commented. In January Ill return to Titusville (Fla.), start hitting balls and doing some strength training and stretching.
Sorenstam, among others, will have to muddle through the month of December before enjoying the much-awaited break. She has commitments that will keep her busy until Christmas.
Annika, Emilee Klein and myself are doing a junior clinic in Orlando Dec. 9th, Janice Moodie said. Were going to stay active with stuff like that.
Annika has undoubtedly raised the bar on physical fitness this year. She's aware that her competition has taken notice and knows they will follow suit.
I know Karrie and the other players are going to go home and practice this winter,' she said. 'Theyre not going to give it (next season) to me, so I have to continue on this level and keep working hard and try to get better. Mallon and Kane are two such players. Both are both focusing on strength training during the off-season. Baena, the perky player whom you cant help but like, is planning on returning home to Colombia and working out so she can be competitive with Sorenstam next year.
Dorothy Delasin has also made overtones that she will be more fit in the 2002 season. Delasin is already eyeing a spot on the 2002 Solheim Cup team and has plans to win a major. Plans like these indicate that she will be doing more practicing than relaxing.
Not everyone enjoys working out and Sophie Gustafson falls into this category. Its a necessary evil for her, not something she relishes in the least. Gustafson will return to her homeland to relax and be with friends and begrudgingly workout.
I wont be playing golf, the delightful Swede said of her plans. Perhaps a ski trip ... but thats about it. Gustafson will return to competition in February to defend the title she captured in Australia.
With eight tournaments to defend next year, Sorenstams strict workout schedule will remain a major part of the determined Swedes life. There are no plans to change the routine she implemented last winter, which includes three-mile runs, countless crunches, stretching and weightlifting, since it produced the desired results this year.
Karrie Webb isnt planning to change much in her routine for next year either. Pleased with her performance this year, she has no plans to revamp herself physically this winter, a la Annika, but workouts will still be a part of her routine. Im going to stick to it ' as far as working out. Ive been doing it for a couple of years,' she said.
Webb, winner of two majors and the season-ending Tyco/ADT Championship, has no immediate plans to rest. Shes scheduled to play in an event in December before calling it quits this year, and then its off to her homeland. I am going home to Australia for Christmas, which I do normally every year,' she said. 'Ill probably work with my coach down there, just because Ive had a few weeks off now.

Two-and-a-half months off gives Webb ample time to return to her home in south Florida and enjoy a couple of relaxing weeks before returning to competition in Australia. Ill have a few weeks over here practicing, then, Ill head back to Australia again, work with my coach for a week or so, play the Australian tournaments in February,' she said.
Sorenstam, winner of this seasons money title, the Vare Trophy and Player of the Year, admitted she met every goal she set for herself in 2001 - leaving us to ponder what she has in store for next season.
Sorenstam was giving no clues.
Im not setting any goals right now. I just want to let my mind be free, enjoy what happened this year.