Wongluekiets Talk About The Future


RANCHO MIRAGE, Calif. - They dress the same, wear the same hairstyle and for the most part you cant tell them apart. That is, until you know how the LPGA Tour does it. Aree wears the sneakers, Laura Neal of the Tour says with a knowing smile.
Aside from the sneakers, there really are very few evident differences at first glance. They both know how to work a room. They both see a sports psychologist on a weekly basis. They choose to play the same events and they have played golf for as long as anyone can remember.

You may not be able to tell them apart from each other, but they are ensuring that you will be able to tell them apart from other amateurs.
Aree and Naree Wongluekiet announced that they are done with junior golf events. The focus now is on the Futures Tour. But they are not ready to turn pro just yet. When will that day come?
I dont know. When I get my braces off, Aree said jokingly in a press conference Tuesday. According to Aree, no date has been set yet for the braces to come off.
Were done with junior tournaments, Naree said. We have got to play against players who are better than us in order to get better, instead of the players who are at the same level, Aree added in an effort to explain their choice. I achieved both of the things that I wanted to achieve at the junior level. Now it is time to move on.
Both girls ' now 15 years old and in the 11th grade ' discussed the transition at the end of last season. We figured to get our games to the next level we have got to play against players who are already there, just better than us, Aree continued.
The two concluded that confidence and experience would be the only thing forfeited from continuing to play in AJGA events. Their schedules will be worked around school and will most likely consist of four LPGA events, most likely the U.S. Womens Open, the U.S. Amateur, the Western Am, the North and South and various amateur and Futures events.
Although both Wongluekiets got their Futures Tour cards through Q-School and can play in as many events as they want, neither has played in one yet. But then again, school is still in session, lest we forget they are only 15.
Junior events are out, but the decision to go to college is still a possibility. The two are planning to visit college campuses next year. Were talking to a few college coaches right now. We dont know what were going to do yet. Its still a long time from now, so ... Naree said.
We get letters (from colleges) everyday, probably an average of five letters a day, Aree continued. College may be the next step, but we have got to see where our game is.