Osachoff Mills Among Tour Card-Holders


Canadian Tour-LargeIt didnt take Calgarys Brent Osachoff long to gain back his Canadian Tour playing privileges following Fridays final round of the Canadian Tours Fall Qualifying School.
Osachoff fired a final-round 1-under-par 71 to wind up the four-day tournament at 5-under 283, two shots better than fellow Calgarian Wes Heffernan and hot prospect Jon Mills (Brooklin, ON). Heffernan and Osachoff, who both played on the Canadian Tour this past season but lost their cards after failing to finish in the Top 80 on the McDonalds Order of Merit, were two of eight 2000 Tour members who won exempt cards back Friday. A total of 15 exempt cards, as well as an additional 11 conditional, were handed out for the 2002 campaign following play Friday.
Coming out of amateur this past season, it was a bit of a shock to me to step right in and play at that level, admitted Osachoff. It was a bit of an adjustment, but Im ready now. Im there physically; its just the mental part I have to improve on. The top guys on Tour will always be there, but the depth on this Tour is amazing.
Mills, 23, who recently finished 6th in the NCAA Nationals while at Kent State, will attend the PGA Qualifying School later this fall. Either way, he knows he will have his work cut out for him on the Canadian Tour should he not qualify down south.
Getting a card was my goal coming in, so it feels good to play well here, he said. Thats what Im looking for-that experience that will take me to the next level. I want to set some goals for myself, and set them high.
At the Bayer Championship in Sarnia last weekend, Hearn wound up the low Canadian (T5th), and was just a couple of groups back of Jason Bohn (Atlanta, Ga.), who carded a final-round 58 Sunday, the first time that score has ever been recorded in tournament play. Hearn feels that shows the level of talent on the Canadian Tour, and he looks forward to the challenge.
I wasnt going to look at the board (last Sunday), but I couldnt help it, laughed the 22-year-old. Something seemed out of place, and it was his 9-under through 7 holes. But now I know at least I have somewhere to play next year. Im not going to put too much pressure on myself.
Scores Friday after the final round of the Canadian Tour's 2001 Fall Qualifying School played at Royal Ashburn Golf Club (x-earned exempt card for 2002 Canadian Tour season; xp-earned exempt card in playofff; c-earned conditional card):
x-Osachoff, Brent Calgary, AB 68-73-71-71_283 -5
x-Heffernan, Wes Calgary, AB 73-73-71-68_285 -3
x-Mills, Jon Brooklin, ON 69-73-72-71_285 -3
x-Daniel, Matt Richmond, BC 69-74-74-69_286 -2
x-Chartrand, Dan Victoria, BC 72-70-74-71_287 -1
x-Fritsch, Brad Manotick, ON 72-71-73-71_287 -1
x-Harrison, Roger Calgary, AB 72-75-68-72_287 -1
x-Smith, Tony Clovis, CA 74-72-70-71_287 -1
x-Hearn, David Brantford, ON 67-72-74-75_288 Even
x-Henderson, Mark Innisfil, ON 71-73-73-72_289 +1
x-Sahl, Danny Sherwood Park, AB 71-75-74-69_289 +1
x-Woodcock, Mike Chatham, ON 76-69-72-72_289 +1
x-Krieger, Ty Edina, MN 73-76-69-72_290 +2
x-Muir, James Calgary, AB 76-67-74-73_290 +2
xp-Webb, Brennan Bracebridge, ON 73-69-72-77_291 +3
c-Chilton, Gord Markham, ON 70-76-69-76_291 +3
c-Kral, Scotty Victoria, BC 76-73-71-71_291 +3
c-Welder, Jamie Calgary, AB 71-75-73-72_291 +3
c-Anderson, Stuart Strathmore, AB 71-76-72-73_292 +4
c-Blais, Jerome Sherbrooke, QC 73-73-73-73_292 +4
c-Lee, Regan Pearl City, HI 73-73-74-72_292 +4
c-Lippert, Eric Temecula, CA 71-71-82-68_292 +4
c-McCann, Brian Mississauga, ON 69-75-74-75_293 +5
c-Petty, Mayson Charlotte, NC 71-77-72-73_293 +5
c-Hinds, Jerry Orillia, ON 79-68-76-71_294 +6
c-Pence, Todd Cheney, WA 72-78-73-71_294 +6
Beale, Roger Ottawa, ON 74-75-71-75_295 +7
Hinton, Keith Port Huron, MI 75-76-70-74_295 +7
Millage, Reg Ennismore, ON 74-77-71-73_295 +7
Jones, Kevin Ajax, ON 73-75-76-72_296 +8
Chubb, Matthew Toronto, ON 72-75-76-74_297 +9
Kennedy, Dean Vancouver, BC 76-73-70-78_297 +9
Short, Adam Vineland, ON 71-76-77-73_297 +9
Belbin, Chad Kamloops, BC 70-77-73-78_298 +10
Haraguchi, Mike Richmond, BC 77-74-74-73_298 +10
Keating, Walter Thunder Bay, ON 73-76-73-76_298 +10
Levesque, Dave Quebec City, QC 75-70-80-73_298 +10
North, Dean Winnipeg, MB 71-78-78-71_298 +10
Burns, Gordon Scarborough, ON 75-78-71-75_299 +11
Sung, Steven Markham, ON 79-73-72-75_299 +11
Kureluk, Jamie Calgary, AB 76-75-76-73_300 +12
Fukishima, Kent Grande Prairie, AB 73-77-75-76_301 +13
Greville, Jeremy Hamilton, ON 73-76-79-73_301 +13
Jenkinson, Garett Calgary, AB 75-77-74-75_301 +13
Moore, Michael Mississauga, ON 73-82-70-76_301 +13
Buck, David Abbotsford, BC 73-78-77-74_302 +14
McKenzie, Luke Holland Landing, ON 76-79-72-75_302 +14
Burch, Jason Vaughn, ON 77-76-75-75_303 +15
Vance, Brian Ottawa, ON 74-78-76-75_303 +15
James, Julian Ottawa, ON 78-76-74-76_304 +16
Lim, Dean Vancouver, BC 78-74-74-78_304 +16
O'Brien, Terry Barrie, ON 78-75-72-79_304 +16
Tomasulo, Justin Stratford, ON 74-76-75-80_305 +17
Ward, Andrew Calgary, AB 73-77-74-81_305 +17
Matheson, Craig Markham, ON 78-72-78-78_306 +18
Robertson, John Courtenay, BC 74-80-73-79_306 +18
Lemieux, Richard Edmonton, AB 74-78-76-83_311 +23
Walker, Michel Ottawa, ON 78-76-73-86_313 +25
Arsenault, Bryce Summerside, PEI 79-81_160 M/C M/C
Markic, Izzy Toronto, ON 83-77_160 M/C M/C
McRobie, Jordan Montreal, QC 80-80_160 M/C M/C
Caulfield, Grant Orangeville, ON 77-84_161 M/C M/C
Dziabel, Jason Oakville, ON 83-78_161 M/C M/C
Hill, Jason St. John's, NFLD 80-81_161 M/C M/C
Minogue, Ryan Blenheim, ON 84-77_161 M/C M/C
Whalen, Brad High Prairie, AB 84-77_161 M/C M/C
Hansen, Steve Perth-Andover, NB 81-81_162 M/C M/C
Huang, Hart Abbotsford, BC 81-81_162 M/C M/C
Landriault, Gerry Chilliwack, BC 80-82_162 M/C M/C
Brown, Dean Regina, SK 82-82_164 M/C M/C
Schade, Derek Kelowna, BC 78-86_164 M/C M/C
Thompson, Peter Oshawa, ON 81-84_165 M/C M/C
Douglas, Rob Stratford, ON 75-91_166 M/C M/C
Knight, Troy Lacombe, AB 82-84_166 M/C M/C
Dakin, Mike Aurora, ON 82-85_167 M/C M/C
Knudsen, Erik Richmond, VA 86-81_167 M/C M/C
Dean, Mike Windsor, ON 78-90_168 M/C M/C
Hawker, Jai Calgary, AB 86-82_168 M/C M/C
Philips, Matt Aurora, ON 85-84_169 M/C M/C
Lacoursiere, Dean Vancouver, BC 91-79_170 M/C M/C
Vanderbeek, Chris Dundas, ON 89-82_171 M/C M/C
Luchkiw, Don Innisfil, ON 88-84_172 M/C M/C
Ruiter, Kris Hudson, QC 83-89_172 M/C M/C
Kachmar, John Vancouver, BC 86-88_174 M/C M/C
Pickering, Andrew Wallaceburg, ON 88-91_179 M/C M/C
Burke, Mark Toronto, ON 75-78-76_229 M/C M/C
Church, Dan North York, ON 77-78-74_229 M/C M/C
Mumford, Kevin Mississauga, ON 76-76-77_229 M/C M/C
Bidewell, Neil Delta, BC 79-75-76_230 M/C M/C
Dompier, Chris Tucson, AZ 76-79-75_230 M/C M/C
Jones, Cory Toronto, ON 73-79-78_230 M/C M/C
Kelly, Dave Ste-Foy, QC 74-80-76_230 M/C M/C
Rinker, Joe London, ON 78-73-79_230 M/C M/C
Almand, Jim San Diego, CA 73-78-80_231 M/C M/C
Hendershott, Dennis Toronto, ON 74-78-79_231 M/C M/C
Moore, Brad Oakville, ON 80-78-73_231 M/C M/C
Devlin, Ryan Calgary, AB 75-80-77_232 M/C M/C
Buck, Ryan Abbotsford, BC 74-81-78_233 M/C M/C
Castleton, Geoff Coburg, ON 81-72-80_233 M/C M/C
Henson, Ian Vancouver, BC 78-78-77_233 M/C M/C
Sempecos, Perry Toronto, ON 78-80-75_233 M/C M/C
Dibble, Scott Gormley, ON 80-75-79_234 M/C M/C
Jones, Forrest Sarnia, ON 73-85-76_234 M/C M/C
Fuhr, Grant Calgary, AB 81-78-76_235 M/C M/C
Johnson, Scott Nepean, ON 75-81-79_235 M/C M/C
Lessard, Frederic Ste-Marie de Beauce, QC 76-81-78_235 M/C M/C
Versage, Joe St. Catharines, ON 77-82-76_235 M/C M/C
Gordon, Chris Sarnia, ON 81-77-78_236 M/C M/C
Machel, Mike Halifax, NS 84-74-78_236 M/C M/C
Proctor, Marcus Aurora, ON 81-77-78_236 M/C M/C
Scott, Drew Pinehurst, NC 80-77-80_237 M/C M/C
Hagger, Ryan Blind River, ON 79-80-79_238 M/C M/C
Kang, Tai Abbotsford, BC 77-77-85_239 M/C M/C
Huth, Thomas Vancouver, BC 79-80-81_240 M/C M/C
Allman, Blake Brantford, ON 78-81-83_242 M/C M/C
Osborn, Darin Chico, CA GW/D GW/D
Wilson, Mark Kincardine, ON GW/D GW/D
Petryk, Larry Smoky Lake, AB 80 GW/D GW/D
Hutzul, Courtney Millet, AB 78-80_158 GW/D GW/D
McCann, John Barrie, ON 76-75-71_222 GW/D GW/D
Gunn, Jeff Nepean, ON 80-76_156 DQ DQ
Hins, Mike Ste-Soffie, QC 81-78_159 DQ DQ
Norton, Danny Richmond, BC 70-76-82_228 DQ DQ