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Judging from the overwhelming response I received to my recommended list of golf books to read this summer, readers are certainly passionate devotes to golf literature. Here is a sample of some of the responses that came in:
Have you ever read Soul of Golf' by William Hallberg? A great summer read. I too am addicted to golf books, and hope you will do more lists. How about a list of the great biographies? John Dalys [autobiography] aside, I am pretty sure the two really well done biographies of Hogan are probably more interesting to true golf fans. [Curt] Sampson's 'Hogan', and James Dodson's 'Ben Hogan; An American Life'.

M.C. - I have not read 'Soul of Golf,' but will add it to my list. As for the Hogan biographies, I have read James Dodsons book and found it to be a fascinating read on a very complex man.
I'd also add 'Just a Range Ball in a Box of Titleists' by Gary McCord. A great read....

P.S. ' I also received a number of recommendations for David Fehertys book, 'Somewhere in Ireland, A Village Is Missing An Idiot.'
How can you produce a list of must read summer books and not include your new book, Fairways of Life? I just finished it and it was awesome. Cant wait for the follow up.

W.S. ' Thank you for your kind comments, and I am glad you enjoyed my book. I did not include it on the list because I thought it would be too gratuitous. A follow up is not likely before 2008 due to other books I am working on, but I will keep you posted.
Thank you for the book suggestions. This could not have come at a better time as I have just finished my most recent golf book, Paper Tiger, by Tom Coyne. If you have not read it yet, I would highly suggest it. It is a very entertaining book for the weekend warrior with dreams of taking their game to the next level. I appreciate your list avoiding the instructional category. Lessons and tips are always welcome, but for these hot summer days it is nice to escape into various aspects of the world of golf without images of spine angles and swing planes going through my head. Enjoy the rest of the summer and I look forward to your next list.

B.P. ' I have a suspicion that when the time comes to do a list on golf instruction books, my e-mail In-box will get overloaded. It is kind of like producing a list on the best cookbooksThanks for the suggestion on 'Paper Tiger.'
Ive read a lot of golf books, many of them very good and many very interesting. Sorry, but none of your list piques my interest. Some that have:
Ben Hogans Five Lessons: The Modern Fundamentals of Golf
Feinsteins A Good Walk Spoiled
Feinsteins The Majors
Reillys Whos Your Caddy?
Rotellas Golf is not a Game of Perfect
Coops Mind Over Golf

W.K. ' Of your list, I have only read Bob Rotellas book, a few years ago, and I enjoyed it. A number of letters also recommended John Feinsteins work.
Just finished Two Years in St. Andrews by George Peper, and it was great.
What about, The Pro: Lessons from My Father About Golf and Life, Butch Harmons book about his father and his career as a teacher? Great read, with everything from Claude Harmons green jacket to Tiger learning how to use a credit card, and lots of golf.
Hi Matt,
I enjoyed your list, have read about half of the books and agree with your recommendations (especially Dream Golf and A Season in Dornoch). Along the lines of the Shivas Irons Journal, the Australian Society of Golf Course Architects puts out an amazing publication on golf architecture (not just in Australia, all over the world) that you should check out if you havent already. Each issue features course reviews, theory, historical information and interviews with current architects. Hope you give it a try, you wont be disappointed.

G.P. ' It is amazing that some of the finest writing about the game can be found in the most obscure places. I appreciate the suggestion.
Thanks for giving us your opinion on whats out there to tote to the beach or garden while in between rounds. I am curious to read Tom Wishons thoughts on the state of golf clubs today. Decent players can, indeed, buy a better game these days and thats not how golf should really be going if you ask me. I find myself shelling out so much moolah on clubs now that I have to sit out lots of dances, playing and/or tourneys. Look forward to reading more of your columns!

S.N. ' I think the game underwent a fundamental change when a set of golf clubs started to cost more than a new refrigerator. Suddenly, they went from being a recreational item to a durable good. Such an investment deserves an informed decision. Hopefully, the right equipment will keep you on the dance floor more often.
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