20 Years of Golf: Counting down time at Golf Channel

Outside the Dunvegan Hotel in St. Andrews, Scotland during the 2010 Open Championship. (SI/Getty Images)


(Editor’s note: Golf Channel turned 20 years old on Jan. 17. In recognition, we are looking back at golf over the last two decades with a series of articles and photo galleries throughout the week.)

Golf Channel turned 20 on Jan. 17. As an ode, I offer a countdown of my time at the network.

20 – Years. My age when I applied for an internship at The Golf Channel (before we drop the ‘The’) in 1996.

19 – Months. Golf Channel’s age when I started said internship in August 1996.

18 – Cubicles. Number of work spaces I’ve had in the last 18 years (rough estimate, may have been more).

17 – Hours. The average work day on site at the 2003 British Open, for which we were rewarded with a Ben Curtis victory. Yaaaaaay.

16 – Shows. Number of times I produced the old “Leaderboard Report,” usually with Mike Ritz or Tom Nettles as host.

15 – Years ago. When I switched from TV to the Internet. Back in 2000, our website had the depth of a Tiger Woods interview.

14 – Holes. Before I made my first par at the Old Course, in 2010. I did birdie No. 10 and shot 86.

13 – Drinks. Number I had at the Dunvegan Hotel the night before playing at St. Andrews (rough estimate, may have been more).

12 – Pieces. Amount into which I broke Scott Van Pelt’s remote control after Florida turned the ball over to Georgia in a 1998 football game. Georgia gave the ball right back. “You know what the difference between now and two plays ago is?” Van Pelt rhetorically asked. “Florida has the ball again, but I don’t have my remote.” He has yet to forgive me.

11 – Days. Spent in England before, during and after the 2002 Ryder Cup. British food is terrible.

20 Years of Golf: Articles and photo galleries

10 – Weeks. How long my internship was before I was offered a full-time job. I accepted and took correspondence courses to finish my degree.

9 – F-bombs. Number of times a "Golf Central" producer dropped them on me after I got a highlight package in while the anchor was reading the intro (rough estimate, may have been more).

8 – Seconds to spare. In relation to No. 9. The best action isn’t always what you see on camera.

7 – Majors. How many I covered as an on-air producer or online writer before manning the desk.

6 – Daughters’ ages. It takes a lot of bribing (candy, new apps for iPads), but I occasionally get my twins to play with me. It’s also the same number of times per round I say to them, “Don’t tell your mother I said that.”

5 – Months. Until I turn 40 and begin the official questioning of my existence.

4 – Majors. The number won by Woods of those I covered (Tiger + Mercer = History, homies).

3 – TV appearances. Number of “Golf Central” hits I made before saying something someone didn’t like, thus ending my TV days.

2 – Angry Montys. Number of times he asked me during an interview, “Is that a serious question?”

1 – Job. Number of employers I’ve had since graduating from college.