The Hits Keep Coming


Unless John Dalys golf bag grows arms and starts choking him to death its doubtful this week could get any worse.
Then again, he may welcome such a respite from what ' even by Dalys standards ' has been a tumultuous few days.
It started Monday when video of him playing shirtless and shoeless on his home course in Branson, Mo., made the rounds on the Internet. Some called it crass, some said it was just John being John, and others couldnt say anything what with their heads buried in a toilet.
It continued Wednesday when Daly, while competing in the European Tours Spanish Open, said Butch Harmon had personally apologized to him for dropping him like Michael Spinks in March.
I called him (Harmon) the other day and he said he realized he didnt get his facts right and he felt bad about it, Daly told reporters in Seville. He has apologized to me.
Hmmm, we thought at GOLF CHANNEL. That sure doesnt sound like Butch Harmon. Harmon is more likely to vote Democrat than to admit he was wrong.
And so we called him. And, just as we thought, there was a conversation between the two ' but no apology.
John Daly called me on (last) Thursday and said he had lost all of his endorsement contracts because of me and my statements and asked if I could print a retraction. I said, John, you lost your contracts because of you and not anyone else. you need to quit blaming everyone else. I wish you well and I hope you play well, Harmon told us.
Daly played OK in Spain. He shot 3-over 75 Thursday and 2-under 70 Friday to miss the cut by two strokes. But he did finish his second round with an eagle. And he did wear a full set of clothes. And he didn't withdraw. So there were some positives.
Of course, Thursday morning's story in the New York Daily news couldn't have put a smile on his face. We're figuring he didn't get a copy outside his hotel room, but we'll safely assume someone told him about the latest bit of gossip surrounding his life, if he didn't know already.
This one involves Roger Clemens, who may well be the one athlete having a worse week than Daly. After allegations of an affair with a country music singer ' whom he met when she was 15 ' surfaced, the former baseball star was linked in the New York Daily News with Dalys ex-wife, Paulette Dean Daly.
John and Paulette were married in January 1995. This latest alleged Clemens affair, according to the Daily News, was said to have come on the heels of the Dalys divorce in 97.
We'd say that's like a kick to the gut, but with Daly's belly it's going to take
Weve known for a while now that the John Daly story will likely not have a happy ending. There are plenty of possibilities as to how it will end, but it probably wont conclude with him sitting on a porch watching the sun set with his wife of 30 years.
Its a shame, really. If youve ever met Daly, you know that hes a very likable, personable person. But hes got two big problems: 1) Hes self destructive in nature. 2) He has a deformed gene in his DNA which prevents him from taking responsibility for any of his actions.
When you keep hurting yourself and keep blaming others for getting hurt thats a bad combo.
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