Not Instant Just Gratifying


Instant gratification barely waits a moment. It demands fulfillment or it leaves. And because we love it so, we feed it.
Nothing satisfies us more than instant gratification. Were impatient and we need it ' we need it now!
Its why we love fast food. Its why we lose our temper when it takes longer than 3 minutes to get our fast food. Its why we gamble with our money. Its why we dont invest in bonds anymore.
Its just a part of us. We have little patience and less desire to sit back and wait for things to unfold. And because of this, we dont always enjoy the moment.
Its why Jim Nantz couldnt help but say what so many of us were thinking Saturday: what symmetry it would be for Phil Mickelson to slip the green jacket onto the shoulders of Chris DiMarco, the man who literally showed him the line to the winners circle the year before.
Yes, DiMarco was leading the Masters by four strokes at the time. But there were still nearly two full rounds left to play ' in the Masters, nonetheless ' and Tiger Woods and Vijay Singh and Mickelson were all well within range.
Its why so many were ready to count out Woods after the opening round.
Yes, even we were ashen when he putted a ball off the green and into the water at 13. And, yes, we were aghast when his approach shot at the first hole hit the flag and caromed into a bunker. And, yes, our mouths were agape when he hit a tee shot about 100 yards at the second.
But he kept his wits about him throughout the trauma. He made nothing worse than bogey. He made some huge par saves, like the 20-footer at the second. And he made enough birdies to give himself some hope.
He finished with a Picasso 74 ' beautifully unattractive. And while he didnt say it exactly, he didnt have to: lets let it all play out and see how it all unfolds.
We just dont want to wait and see how things play out. We want things now, as is. We want instant gratification.
Its why we tried to establish Woods as the greatest player of all time after less than five years as a professional.
Its why were ready to pass judgment on Michelle Wies career ' before she even gets her drivers license, let alone an LPGA Tour card.
Its why we were ready to consider Mickelson a major failure before last years Masters.
Its why Sergio Garcia is near the top of the list of best players never to have won a major.
Its why we were ready to tar and feather Paul Casey before he even had the chance to speak in his own defense.
Its why we called Tiger foolish for changing his swing ' even though he had proved us wrong before.
Its why we were ready to give Tiger his fourth green jacket without even contesting the final round.
But just as Tiger figuratively said, lets let this one play out, so, too, did DiMarco.
Were DiMarco a boxer, hed be a first-fist puncher. Hes not a counter-puncher. He got hit early Sunday only because he came out cold. Like any good fighter, he needed a good sweat. And once he started to warm up, he was playing California and feeling Minnesota.
'He's a fighter,' Woods said. 'He'll fight you tooth and nail.'
But, man, did he take one mother of a gut punch at 16.
When Tigers chip shot tracked impossibly and perfectlyintothehole ' lights out! Down goes DiMarco. Its over ' but not yet!
Have we learned nothing? Its not over. We have to let it play out. We have to stop running around and high-5ing everyone, and sit back down and compose ourselves.

We have to see if Tiger can compose himself and par 17. No. We have to see if he can par 18. No.
We have to see what unfolds in this sudden-death playoff. We have to see if DiMarco can make the most of his second chance. No. We have to see if Tiger can do the same. Yes. Finally, yes.
It seemed a long time coming, but Sundays conclusion was a good one. It was worth the wait. For Tiger, who won his first major championship in nearly three years. For DiMarco, who proved he was worthy of winning a major. And for us, who got to sit back, take it all in, and just enjoy it all.
'I hope we put on a good show for you,' Woods said.
It wasnt instant ' and thankfully so. But it was certainly gratifying.
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