Project 99 The Unforgettable Year


Project 99After 17 years of waiting, we finally had a chance to party like it was 1999. Or at least enjoy the fact that it wasn’t yet two thousand zero zero.

The Denver Broncos celebrated their second consecutive Super Bowl. The Dow Jones broke 10,000. The Euro was born. Woodstock was revived. Brandi Chastain ripped off her shirt. Napster ripped off musicians. And the world population surpassed 6 billion.

Shakespeare fell in love. Keanu Reeves entered a matrix. Brad Pitt started a fight club.

Eminem rapped. Santana rocked. Cher believed.

George W. Bush declared his candidacy for President of the United States. Hugo Chavez became President of Venezula. And Vladamir Putin ascended to acting President of Russia.

John F. Kennedy Jr.’s plane crashed off the coast of Martha’s Vineyard killing him, his wife and his wife’s sister. Two teenage students killed 12 classmates, one teacher and themselves at Columbine.

Joe DiMaggio died. So, too, did Stanley Kubrik, George C. Scott, Wilt Chamberlain and Walter Payton.

It all happened – and then some – in 1999.

A decade ago, we thought we were laying to rest the 20th century; though, really we weren’t. Then again, we thought a bug was going to send us back to the dark ages.

We assumed the Yankees would never again lose a World Series, and Michael Jordan would never again play basketball.

Anna Kournikova ruled cyberspace, while Venus and Serena Williams were beginning their reign on the courts.

Evander Holyfield fought Lennox Lewis; Pete Rose wanted to punch Jim Gray.

We felt safe from the outside world, if not in our own schools.

And, we wondered what lie ahead, even if we figured we had just about seen it all – even in golf.

When a young, black man wins the Masters and becomes the greatest golfer in the world, what else is there to see in this sport?

Turned out, quite a bit. Especially from that very young man.

Ten years ago, Tiger Woods showed us his triumph at Augusta was historic, but we hadn’t seen nothing yet. Eight wins and one major – unbelievable then; not even in his top 5 seasons now.

Every year in golf has its unique happenings, the things that make it special.

In 1999, Paul Azinger became the first player to use a belly putter on the PGA Tour. Juli Inkster won a pair of majors and gained entry into the LPGA Hall of Fame. The U.S. Golf Association began testing for “spring-like effect” in metal drivers. The World Golf Championships were born. Jose Maria Olazabal became the latest to deny Greg Norman a green jacket. And the great Gene Sarazen passed away.

But certain events transpired that transcended that season. They’re not just bullet points of an individual year; they’re highlights in golf history.

Beginning Monday, will showcase the five most memorable stories from that unforgettable season, re-telling the tales from the perspective of those who were there.

Our writers and contributors will give you a first-hand look inside the happenings, reminding you of things you may have forgotten, introducing you to things you never knew and allowing you to relive moments that will never die.

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