Why not one-putt


I have a few additional thoughts on the topic of lag putting, which I wrote about in my initial blog entry yesterday. First off, ditch the phrase “three-putting” from your vocabulary. Too many golfers approach a putt of 30 feet or more with the attitude that they want to get the ball close enough to the hole to avoid three-putting. Well, with that negative approach, it’s no wonder why they almost always leave their first putts short of the hole. I like to use the analogy that if you’re driving your new car with the sole focus of not getting in a car accident, then how do you expect to get to your eventual destination? Take a more positive approach and think about “one-putting.” Note your final destination, or target (the hole), and hit the putt with enough pace to get the ball there.
Secondly, I hate it when I read instruction articles suggesting that you try and putt to a three-foot circle around the hole (six feet in diameter). I mean REALLY, if you’re saying that three feet is acceptable, that’s like telling your child a grade of C is okay even though an A or a B is certainly attainable. When was the last time a student got into Duke with a C average? You can do better: Expect that you’ll make the putt on your first attempt. The more you envision this happening, the more it will.