Getting Together with Natalie


I know a caddie who scheduled his wedding in the next couple weeks just so he could tell golfers he wasnt available to caddie for Q-school.
Boys and girls, we have to look forward before we can look back even if looking forward is not pretty to most of us.
Now there are exceptions to this rule...
Kevin Streelman comes to mind. I got to know Kevin when he played in a tournament in Las Vegas last year called the Ultimate Game. He was a mini-tour player who got a sponsor to put up $50,000 for him and another $50,000 for the guy who went on to win (Scott Piercy).
Kevin made it to the finals, which made his investor his money back, but didnt win. Then, as is usually the case, talent finds a way. Now the journey for most trying to get through all three stages of Q-school ends, almost thankfully, at second stage. If you are lucky enough to make it through to final stage from first stage, its a scratch off lottery ticket chance youll make it through. But hey... SOMEBODY has to win those scratch offs right?
This year it was Streelman, and if I had a vote for Rookie of the Year hed get mine. Year-long consistency means much more to me than a win. Dont get me wrong, a win is huge, but consistency means staying power and Kevins got it, plus a grounded family life that hasnt let the big tour money change him.
He is recently married to a beautiful girl, who wouldve married him if he was a gas station attendant in N.J. and you can see it in her eyes. He has a family that still laughs when they see how much money he made on his last check. His brother caddied for him at Disney and needed oxygen when he saw that his bro had just made over $100 grand that week.
Trust me when I tell you, this kid is going win, and win more than once on Tour next year. I just hope hes MY boss!
For the rest of the guys going through second stage of 'Q' this week my heart is out to you. It sucks, plain and simple. This may be the hardest stage of them all because if you dont make it through, you literally dont have a job next year. And working at Waffle House while trying to fine tune your golf game is about as much fun as a root canal without the Novocain and laughing gas.
My heart and thoughts are with all you guys, I ask that you all be blessed this week to play to the best of your ability so that youll know if what youve got is good enough. Nothing feels worse than not having your best stuff and than having to wonder, If I really played my best... could I make it?' Try sitting on that for a year! No thanks, Ill take the hemorrhoids instead, doc. Play well boys!
A few weeks ago I asked a bunch of you to give me your take on the FedEx Cup and the Playoffs. I got some interesting responses to the question and didnt get the one answer I was looking for - Its fine leave it alone.
Why? Because like putting lipstick on a pig... its still a pig. I aint kissin it! OK, maybe back in my wild younger days if no one was looking, but my point is this: How does my friend Jay Williamson make it to the third Playoff event in St. Louis, where there are only 69 guys and NO cut, yet finish 137th on the money list and be headed back to Q-School?
The PGA Tour Playoffs are like the NCAA Football BCS games. Great golf and great football, but at the end of the day are you satisfied? Me neither.
Sirius and XM Radio have given me a show starting Monday, November 17th from 8-10a.m. Now those of you who know me, and know what Ive said and done on XMs PGA Tour Network, know that I may be kicked off the air by Friday! But youre invited to listen, call, and email. Playing Thru with TJ and Michael is on XM 146 and Sirius 209.
Davis Love III is my first guest. Gotta ask him about his motorcycle obsession (he was on an episode of American Chopper on Discovery Channel!) and how he tore his ankle up walking?
Working on Natalie Gulbis - keep your fingers crossed. If everything is in CAPITAL LETTERS NEXT WEEK... IM STILL ON THE HIGH OF GETTING TO RAP WITH HER!

Michael Collins has been a stand-up comedian for 15 years and has more than seven years experience as a professional caddie. He currently covers the PGA Tour as a correspondent with XM Satellite Radio and takes his turn on The Turn Mondays on Golf Channel. He also has his own Web site,
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