Aaron Rodgers - April 11, 2012


Green Bay Packers Quarterback Aaron Rodgers participated in the Michael Jordan Celebrity Invitational in Las Vegas earlier this month and sat down with Win McMurry. When he hears the word underdog, he thinks of opportunity. He feels that he has made the most of the opportunities he has had in his life. He has been able to figure when those moments occur and then take maximum advantage. Since he has become an NFL quarterback, he has tried to maintain the same qualities that got him there in the first place.

Being the Super Bowl MVP was a dream come true but it was more important that his team won the Super Bowl. The Green Bay Packers are a very close-knit team and winning the Super Bowl gave them an opportunity for a higher profile in the world of sports.

He began playing golf at the age of 12. When he was growing up, he would sneak onto a course late in the afternoon to try to get some free golf. When he was in high school, he and some friends were able to play golf for a low price and they spent a lot of time on the course. He actually failed to qualify for his high school golf team and Rodgers admitted that it was still a disappointment to miss out.

Getting to spend time with Michael Jordan is the best part of playing in his Celebrity Invitational. He admired Jordan when he was growing up and it is amazing that he now can consider him a friend. Jordan is a genuine person and it is wonderful to meet a person as successful as he is who is still down to earth and it is very special to have a friendly relationship with him.

Shadow Creek is a great golf course in Las Vegas but it is a tough course as well. He has been able to play with a lot of other athletes and it is fun to see how competitive all of these athletes can be on the golf course and everyone ends up inspiring each other.