Ahmad Rashad - September 21, 2011


He really enjoys playing the game as a recreational golfer although he is not all that good at the game. Jack Nicklaus may be better at golf than he is, but that does not mean he enjoys it more than he does. Bill Russell is a pleasure to be around and he still has a lot of game for his age and can still rib everyone as well as he ever has. He has always been a big fan of Bill Russell and even when he was younger, he was reading everything he could about Russell and the fact that he befriended him as a young man and the fact that they are still friends is amazing to him. He feels that Russell has been a mentor to him and receiving the so-called seal of approval from Bill is unlike anything else in this world. He would do anything to help his friend Bill Russell. To be a good mentor, you have to not only give your time to someone, but give your time well by following up on them and actively making sure that they are learning and growing and when you see someone thrive, the feeling of giving is so wonderful. He thinks his Oregon Ducks will play very well and look great while doing it.