Alex Miceli - April 25, 2012


Bubba Watson is headed in the direction of being a big star and there was evidence of that on Tuesday on New Orleans. He had several media obligations and there were a lot of media members waiting for his news conference. Bubba seemed to be in control of the entire situation and also seemed to be enjoying it as he spent time conferring with his group of people. But future stardom depends on strong play and winning and Bubba will have to do both in the near future.

Both the R&A and the USGA have said that they have problems with anchoring a putter to your body rather than having an issue with the length of the actual golf club. Long putters have been around for decades and if the putters were banned, that opens a potential Pandora’s Box where even the sand wedge could have its legality questioned. This is a very difficult situation because the decision could potentially have a big impact on the way some people make a living in the world of golf. In the end, golf is a hard sport but it is a fun sport and instead of trying to figure out ways to make the game harder, the rules makers in golf should focus on trying to make the game more fun.

If he could participate in the Golf Draft that is being conducted on, he said he would pick Yani Tseng over Tiger Woods or anyone else because she is dominating the LPGA Tour the way that Tiger dominated the PGA TOUR for many years and she is still very young and in theory has many years of dominance left.