Alex Miceli - December 4, 2012


Many athletes can be stupid when it comes to their injuries. There are countless examples of athletes who return to competition much too early and end up making their previous injuries worse. Miceli acknowledged that in golf today, it is more tempting than ever for players to return too early from injuries because they do not want to miss out on opportunities to play for a lot of money because as professional athletes, they seek to support themselves and their families financially.

Miceli has been very clear that he is against the proposed anchoring ban that the USGA and the R&A announced last week. In fact, he has started wearing a button saying “Stop the Ban!” and Miceli added that a father and his son will likely be wearing the button during the PNC Father/Son Challenge next week. Miceli is not against the action of changing the rule because it is for the good for the game but he is against the fact that the ruling bodies made the decision 30 years too late. The players who developed their careers using a legal method of putting suffer from this ban and the ruling bodies have yet to admit that they made a mistake by declining to ban anchoring earlier. He wants the rules and the changes to be as fair as possible and he does not think the USGA and the R&A are being fair with their proposal.

The USGA and the R&A have stated that this proposed anchoring ban has nothing to do with equipment but instead it has to do with the stroke. There is no antitrust issue because it does impact the production of equipment and as a result, it is very difficult to build a case for a legal challenge to the proposed anchoring ban. Miceli said that it does not mean that someone at some point will try to mount a legal challenge but whoever attempts to do so will have a difficult time justifying to a judge that he or she has a case.

Erik Compton earned his PGA TOUR card for 2013 in Q School on Monday and while he thinks that Compton has a compelling story that will never get old, he also thinks that Compton’s story is evolving. Miceli has gotten past the 2-time heart transplant recipient element of the story and he has moved on to the ability to win element of the story. Compton seems to have so much more energy than he had just a few years ago and he has proven again that he belongs out on the PGA TOUR.

When asked what he will miss about PGA TOUR Q School, he will miss the crapshoot element because literally if you made it into the final stage, you had a chance at earning a PGA TOUR card. The new format starting next year rewards the better player and punishes the good player who needed to catch lightning in a bottle in order to earn a PGA TOUR card. However, Miceli does like the fact that players in the Finals will have four tournaments to earn their PGA TOUR cards and he also noted  that the Major Champions and big draws like Camilo Villegas will continue to receive Sponsor’s Exemptions regardless of their playing status.

Si Woo Kim earned his 2013 PGA TOUR card at the age of 17 but due to the rules of the PGA TOUR, he cannot begin to take advantage of his membership until he turns 18 on June 28,, 2013. Miceli feels that Kim should try to petition the PGA TOUR for the right to play as a member even though the rule states that you have to be 18 to a member of the PGA TOUR. That rule was passed in response to Ty Tryon over a decade ago. If you can play your way through Q School, you deserve to play on the PGA TOUR regardless of age.