Alex Miceli - December 7, 2011


On Tiger’s win in the Chevron World Challenge, Alex wondered why events like the Chevron World Challenge and the Nedbank Golf Challenge in Sun City have world ranking points in the first place when they have fields of less than 20 players regardless of the quality of the field. He does not feel that someone should be able to move from outside the top 50 to inside the  top 25 by winning an event with an 18-player field and no cut in December regardless of who wins and regardless of the field strength. He feels that players will still show up to these events whether there are world ranking points or not because the guaranteed check is what matters to these players.

On the debate between the Official World Golf Ranking and the BCS, he feels that the BCS is an anomaly because Division I football is the only division in the NCAA that does not have a playoff so that situation is easier to fix. He feels that the rankings should be decided on the field and not on the ballot. The BCS is a combination of a few polls to determine who is the best in Division I football while the Official World Golf Ranking has a monopoly on determining who is the best in golf.