Alex Miceli - February 29, 2012


Golf Channel Contributor Alex Miceli is at PGA National this week for The Honda Classic. Regarding Mark Steinberg’s reaction to the Haney excerpts, Miceli is unsure if there is even any way that Tiger cannot answer questions about this because Steinberg speaks for Tiger. Steinberg and Tiger are ultimately only helping Haney sell books.

The ratings of the WGC-Accenture Match Play were great and anytime that golf gets more exposure and more positive it is a great thing. We may be seeing the beginning of a transition period because there are clearly signs that Rory McIlroy can attract audiences in the United States. Transition periods are natural and the sport is bigger than any one person. Golf has been around for hundreds of years and there were stars before Tiger and there will be stars after Tiger is gone.

In terms of the impact of the new 2013 schedule on the West Coast and Florida Swing, Miceli said that it will hard on those events because a lot of events are already struggling for big names and many Europeans do not play on the West Coast right now anyway. He does not think that a wraparound will change too much on the PGA TOUR especially in terms of the Florida Swing.

Tiger will be a big story this week just because he is making his first professional appearance at a course which could present some big problems for his game and because of the fact that Tiger is making an appearance at an event where Jack Nicklaus is involved. You could also see someone like Mark Wilson and John Rollins who are playing well emerge with the trophy or you could see a surprise name like John Huh win. He is also interested in finding out from Greg Norman about the status of the 2013 International Presidents Cup Team Captain nomination. Norman is playing in the Kenny G Pro-Am at PGA National on Wednesday.