Alex Miceli - July 11, 2012


Golf Channel Contributor Alex Miceli joined Morning Drive on Wednesday from the John Deere Classic at TPC Deere Run. Miceli does not feel that anyone has been told the real reason why the qualification system is changing. He feels that the changes benefit the more accomplished player more than anyone else and also the fall events benefit as they are now a part of the FedExCup schedule. However, he does not think it makes any sense to start the new PGA TOUR season in the fall against the NFL after the PGA TOUR spent years trying to avoid competition from football.

Miceli reported in Golfweek that Callaway Golf will cut 10% of its work force at the end of the day on Wednesday which amounts to between 150 and 170 jobs. Something like this had to happen because Callaway Golf is losing money and the new President was charged with making the company profitable again. Over the years, Callaway Golf has given up leadership in a number of areas including metal woods among other bad decisions.  Golf is becoming more and more global and it has become difficult for Callaway to compete with TaylorMade who have changed the way business is done in many areas of the golf business. In order to be competitive, Callaway Golf has to find ways to cut costs and one of those ways is cutting a significant percentage of its workforce which it is doing today.